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TitelKlasseNoteLänge (Zeichen)Kurzbeschreibung
The moth and the star111-2132Fabel - Analyse
The museum of modern art1011077short information
The National Health Service121-28712As good as it was intended to be?
The national parks (of America)729314Insgesamte Beschreibung und über einzelne Parks
The native americans613960The native americans
the Old South of America122-3818
The Ottoman Empire101-26639Eurocom Exam 2008
The passive912292
The peacelike mongoose1021592Fable-anlaysis
The political system of Germany1011466
The power of habit121-22487Englische Shortstory!
The present perfect711142Grammatik (Present perfect Tense)
the princes of wales72-1719lady diana
The Queen and I1116421Buchvorstellung von The Queen and I - Autorin: Sue Townsend
The Republic of Ireland93-44982
The ring521719story
The rocky mountains-Population722029bevölkerung der rockies
The Shining1015203--
The sights of New York82+3077Aufzählung und kurze Beschreibung wichtiger Sehenswürdigkeiten New Yorks
The Simpsons811899The history of simpsons
The skull of truth81-24047Bookreport
The Taj Mahal1023442Taj Mahal
The Themse721238Englisches Referat über die Themse
The three most dangerous addictions1023470
The Tortilla Curtain - T.C. Boyle122+1237Work out the differences between the first (p.39f.) and the second (pp. 187ff.) community meeting.
The Truman Show - Filmanalyse1016642Analysis of the movie "The Truman Show"
The UK- GB- a tourist destination1012516England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
The US-Mexican border82+3285Ein Referat über allgemeine Fakten, Drogenschmuggel, und die Border Patrol
The USA826464Referat über die USA auf Englisch
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