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The skull of truth - Referat

The Skull of Truth was written by Bruce Coville

In the book the main character is Charlie Eggleston a young boy who live in a place what isnít mentioned . The book plays in modern time. The outher characters are MarkEvans and his dad, Gilbert, Karen and Chalis parents.

The story begins with Charlie at a swamp, but the proplem is that the swamp might be changed in a industrieal park. Charlie loves the swamp, so he is worried about whatís happen to the swamp. Mark Evans and his friends come to the swamp and give Charlie a hard time. Mark Evans is a classmate of Charlie and the son of the swamp developer. Charlie goes into the swamp because Mark and his friends wat to hurt him. Charlie gets lost in the swamp and finds a shop. Charlie goes into the shop and notices a lot of bizarre things, but one of the things is a human skull. The shopkeeper Elives comes out and tells Charlie that the skull is not for sale. When Elives goes away, Charlie steals the skull. Charlie runs out of the shop with the skull and hides it in the garage of his house. While Charlie is lying in his bed at night, he heas a loud noise at the window. There he sees two rats telling him to let them inside. Charlie is shocked when he sees the talking rats, but he lets them in when he sees that they are from Elives shop. Then the rats give Charlie a message from Elives. Their stand that Elives knows that he has the skull, and he have to be careful with it. Charlie goes out to the garage to see after the skull. He asks the skull a question. To his surprise, the eyes of the skull light up and it talks to him. After a while, Charlie learns that the power of the skull is telling the truth which is a problem for Charlie because he lies a lot .The next morning Charlie goes to school and tells the truth. First he tells Mark Evans that his father is a developer who is damage the environment. This causes Mark fight with Charlie. Then his friend Gilbert comes back after he has gone for a few months, because he was sick. Gilbert look sicks from the chemotherapie. Gilbert asks Charlie how he looks, and Charlie tells him the truth what shocks Gilbert. Finally out on the playground, Charlie says Karen that he loves her. Later at the night Charlie goes to the library with his uncle to hear a storyreader. While he is at the library, Gilbertís mother comes to Charlie and gives him a letter, where stand how hurt Gilbert was about Charlies words. At home the skull tells him why he has to tell the truth. The skull tells
Charlie that his name was Yorick, and he was search after the truth. One day he comes to an old woman who told him that she would show him truth. . The old woman cursed him to tell the truth everytime. This costs him many relatitionsships, so he became a court jester for Hamlet. Yorick grew close to Hamlet. The queen disliked Yorick and his honesty. After Yorick dies his grave was dug up to make room in the cemetery. His skull was sold to Shakespeare who used the skull as an inspiration for his stories. Then he coms in the hands of Elives where he has been since ever. Charlie decides to get friend with Gilbert again by shaving his head how Gilbert. Everyone is impressed with Charlie and the classmates follow except Mark Evans. Charlie notices at home that he is not the only one who is telling the truth. Charlieís family has a dinner for his grandmother and everyone began to tell the truth. In the end Charlieís uncle Bennie tells them that he is gay. Then Charlie learns to accept the truth about his uncle. In the end Charlie and Karen make a plan to use the truth for the meeting of the swamp. Charlie takes the skull to the meeting and Mr. Evans tells the truth about the damages that could be. This makes the people think about their views. Eventually Charlie and the skull find truth, and Charlie leaves the skull of truth where it was found.

I think itís a very good book and it should tell us that we should be careful with the truth.
The book is from the beginning to the end exiting and sometimes funny.

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