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The Tortilla Curtain - T.C. Boyle - Referat

Whereas in the first meeting some residents still point out the freedom of every individual and resent any kind of elitist behaviour or discrimination of some groups, the anti-Mexican tendency is voiced much more strongly and the measures to be taken are much more vehement in the second meeting. Nobody mentions the desperate situation of the Mexicans. It is interesting to note that the person who finally takes the decisive steps in uprooting the labour exchange is somebody who has been sentenced himself. His offence was mishandling funds, in other words he is a thief, eben though he seems to be socially accepted.

At the second meeting Delaney does not make any comment except an irritated remark in which he anticipates the plan that they all have: a wall around the estate. Having been confronted with it, Delaney is silent. There is only one other occasion when he says something, that is when the others slightly make fun of him because of his appearance during the last meeting when speaking out against feeding the wildlife.

Summing up, the tone of the second meeting is much more aggressive and assertive than that of the first one. The issue is only looked at from one side except for Delaney's little outburst.

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