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TitelKlasseNoteLänge (Zeichen)Kurzbeschreibungppt
The Greenhouse Effect12110882Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect 
The History of Scotland712850 
The Hobbit936654Review and Summary 
The Hobbit Review1025640An unexpected Journey 
The Hogan`s91-1436Kurz Aufsatz 
The Immigrant and the American Dream1112449Oberstufenreferat Englisch über den Film "The Immigrant" als Beispiel für den American Dream 
The Industrial Revolution and the Moving West91-3186Industrial Revolution and Moving West 
The influence of the Mass Media122-3224 
The island of the blue dolphins816214activities on the las pages of the penguin reader book 
The James Joyce Murder102-32665Zusammenfassung 
The Kite Runner1315021About background, symbol, turning points, sin, redemption and the (main) message 
The Kurdish Culture132+19081Now I am going to tell you something about the Kurdish culture. But before that I will list some general aspects of the Kurdish folk. 
The Lord of the Rings1015277Buchvorstellung+Fakten über Lesen 
The Merovingian102+7505Über die Merowinger 476–750 
The Mississippi River922339n kleines referat über den fluss mississippi 
The moth and the star111-2132Fabel - Analyse 
The museum of modern art1011077short information 
The National Health Service121-28712As good as it was intended to be? 
The national parks (of America)729314Insgesamte Beschreibung und über einzelne Parks 
The native americans613960The native americans 
The Netherlands101-210781GEOGRAPHY OF THE NETHERLANDS 
the Old South of America122-3818 
The Ottoman Empire101-26639Eurocom Exam 2008  
The passive912292 
The peacelike mongoose1021592Fable-anlaysis 
The political system of Germany1011466 
The power of habit121-22487Englische Shortstory! 
The present perfect711142Grammatik (Present perfect Tense) 
the princes of wales72-1719lady diana 
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