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TitelKlasseNoteLänge (Zeichen)Kurzbeschreibungppt
The Empire State Building - 2.Version92+2017A short discription 
The Firm13113652 
The first 10 presidents of the USA102-5499Zusammenfassung 
The First British Empire11133621600-1776 
The geologically time calendar91-23607 
The geologican time calendar91-24186The eras and periods ofthe earth's history 
The Grat Barrier Reef912308 
The Green Park711653The Green Park in London! 
The Greenhouse Effect12110882Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect 
The History of Scotland712850 
The Hobbit936654Review and Summary 
The Hobbit Review1025640An unexpected Journey 
The Hogan`s91-1436Kurz Aufsatz 
The Immigrant and the American Dream1112449Oberstufenreferat Englisch über den Film "The Immigrant" als Beispiel für den American Dream 
The Industrial Revolution and the Moving West91-3186Industrial Revolution and Moving West 
The influence of the Mass Media122-3224 
The island of the blue dolphins816214activities on the las pages of the penguin reader book 
The James Joyce Murder102-32665Zusammenfassung 
The Kite Runner1315021About background, symbol, turning points, sin, redemption and the (main) message 
The Kurdish Culture132+19081Now I am going to tell you something about the Kurdish culture. But before that I will list some general aspects of the Kurdish folk. 
The Lord of the Rings1015277Buchvorstellung+Fakten über Lesen 
The Merovingian102+7505Über die Merowinger 476–750 
The Mississippi River922339n kleines referat über den fluss mississippi 
The moth and the star111-2132Fabel - Analyse 
The museum of modern art1011077short information 
The National Health Service121-28712As good as it was intended to be? 
The national parks (of America)729314Insgesamte Beschreibung und über einzelne Parks 
The native americans613960The native americans 
The Netherlands101-210781GEOGRAPHY OF THE NETHERLANDS 
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