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The ring - Referat

The Ring
„Before you die, you see the ring“

October 18, 2002. I like all horror movies, but the ring was really creepy and shocking.
The ring is something of a con game. The director Gore Verbinski and screenwriter Ehren Kruger wanders almost accidentally into deep, dark waters. What begins as a routine teen horror film.
There is this videotape, see, one you can’t find at supermarket. When you watch it, you get a creepy phone call and seven days later you die.
One teenage girl sees the video. Seven days earlier the girl is alone at home. Suddenly the TV switches itself on and can’t be switched off. Something very bad comes out of it. The girl dies.
Rachel (Naomi Watts), a hard boiled, sceptical journalist who is the dead girl’s aunt, begins to investigate teen whispers about the killer tape.
Soon she watches the video and Rachel gets the phone call. A child’s voice whispered, “Seven days”. Nothing seems all that difference at first. She takes the tape to her old friend Noah (Martin Henderson), a video geek who reports that it wasn’t created with a camera or any other known technology.
Meanwhile, their soon Aidan (David Dorfman), is drawing some troubling pictures.
Before her seven days are up, Rachel, along with Noah and Aidan, is plunged into a dense and convoluted story that I shouldn’t write in detail.
It involves elements as a journey to a distant island, a lighthouse, an imprisoned child, an unsolved killing.
The killing tape is about a woman in a mirror, a man at a window, a ladder against a wall, a centipede crawling from beneath a table and “the ring”, a circle of light.
When you want to know how the film the ring ends, you have to watch it yourself.

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