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The moth and the star - Referat

This fable is about a young moth who is possessed by the dream to reach a star and tries to achieve this aim day after day. He is an impressionable moth who does not listen to his parents who donít want him to fly to star but around the street lamps. At this fact you can see that the moth is very ambitious to reach the star, heís patient, stubborn and determined. At the fact that he doesnít give up you can see that heís not easily disappointed and persistent.
But he does not see reality heís naÔve and unrealistic in thinking he can reach the star.
However he loves to an old age, is proud and happy.
In the fable are a lot of symbols for example the star who stands for a dream who is attractive, mysterious, extraordinary and valuable but also far away and unreachable. On the other side there are the lamps. The street and the house lamps who stand for the everyday life and duties. They are ordinary and you can control them they are nothing special they are only there. The moths fly around them every day, get injured or even die. As the boy-moths fly around the street-lamps and the girl-moths around the house lamps they also stand for traditions.
The father, the mother and the siblings of the young moth are ordinary, average moths who do every day the same thing. They are not very ambitious or brave but rather traditional and narrow-minded. They donít have any individual ideas or dreams. Their hard life makes them suffer and die at an early age. Probably their duties and responsibilities make them worn out and tired.
I think the dream of the young moth was worth dreaming. With this dream the young moth could have changed his life. He didnít live the ordinary life of the other moths who lived their boring life, got injured and died early. With the help of this dream he had a happy and fulfilled life. But you also have to look at the bad side. He forgot reality. He only lived for his dream, he forgot that there are also duties and he never had the chance to have a family.
I think the dream was worth dreaming because it changed his life but he should not have forgotten his duties and reality.

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