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the princes of wales - Referat

Princess Diana

Diana Spencer was born at the first July 1961 in Sandringham. She grown up with her family in Sandringham on Park House. 1979-1981 she worked as a nursery teacher in the Young England School in Pimlico. At the 29th July 1981 Diana married Prince Charles the heir apparent of GB at this time Prince Charles was 33 years old and Diana was 13 years younger. Four month later she became pregnant. At the 21st June 1982 the Princess brought a healthy boy to the world, they called him William. Diana became pregnant again and at the 15th September 1984 the 2nd son Prince Harry was born. The people loved Diana, because she took care of poor and ill children, she was called the Queen of the hearts. Charles and Diana didnít have the same interests. This was the reason why there was conflicts between them, over and over again. Camilla, a close friend of Charles had the same interests like him. Diana was very jealous, because Charles betrays her with Camilla. At the 28th August 1990 Diana and Charles divorced. Diana felt in love with Dodi Al Fayed. With her beloved one she traveled 4times. It seemed that she found finally the man for live. The couple spent the last holidays in Paris. In the journey to Dodis villa they were chased by Paparazzis. The chauffeur got faster and faster. In the end of the escape, Dianaís car crashed against a concrete pillar, in the tunnel they drove in. Before that their speed was at 111 mp/h. It happend a few moments before half past 12. The driver died immediately. Dodi died at the crash place, too. Diana was seriously hurt. She fought against the death until to shortly before 4.00 a.m. However the doctors had to realize that they had lost Princess Diana.

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