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The UK- GB- a tourist destination - Referat

The UK- GB- a tourist destination

United Kingdom: - divided into 4 parts (England, Wales, Scotland,
Northern Ireland)
- area: 243.000 km²
- population: 59.251.000 people

England: - largest part GB and UK
- area: 130.422 km²
- population: 49.5 million
- capital: London
cities: Manchester (one of Europe’s most modern cities: old
industries are gone, now pop cult capital
Windsor (royal city, full of English tradition and
history, `Castle`, modern shops)
London (8 million tourists, Big Ben: symbol, London
Eye: highest observation wheel in Europe
(135.36m) in centre of London, Tower Bridge:
most famous bridge Europe)

Wales: - part of GB (since 1536) and UK
- area: 20.761 km²
- population: 2.9 million
- capital: Cardiff
North Wales: - wild landscape, mountains, lakes
- people just proud of traditional regional
culture, high-tech industries
South Wales: - has history of coal mines, heavy industries
- Cardiff, Swansea-great places for modern
- great beaches

Scotland: - part of GB (since 1707) and UK
- area: 78.722 km²
- population:
5.1 million
- capital: Edinburgh
land: - of romance (mountains, long deep valley, lakes)
- poor county (lot of farmers called crofters, make own
- national sports- golf and curling (summer/winter)
- myth of nessie- lives in Loch Ness, a see near the
city Inverness, tourist destination

Northern Ireland: - part of UK but not of GB
- area: 13.843 km²
- population: 1.7 million
- capital: Belfast
city: Londonderry (popular for football club “Derry City
FC”, city of music- lot of international musicans-
Dana,.. Festivals “City of Derry Jazz and Big Band
Festival” April, “Celtronic (electronic dance
festival) June

Tourist destination: - great sights (London)
- great beaches (Wales, England)
- unique nature (Scotland, Wales)

My opinion: - was never in UK, but would recommend to everybody going
on a trip
- London: city, where you can see things, you never see

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