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The museum of modern art - Referat

The museum of modern art

opening hours

The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from ten in the morning to six in the afternoon. On Wednesdays it’s open until nine at night.

admission fees

Students and seniors have to pay six euros. Adults have to pay eight euros. Children younger than six can visit the museum free of charge.

short information on sight

The museum of modern art is built on the Mönchsberg where it presents a new, modern architecture for exhibition in an international context. It first opened in October 2004.

The idea for the Museum was born by Friedrich Welz’s, who transferred a big part of his private art collection to Salzburg.

The concept of the program is based on the variety of
different trends in art, with a constantly shifting centre of attention.

Projects provide young artists a basis for their artistic and experimental pictures.

The museum offers secondary a restaurant called “M32”, a shop where you can buy books, postcards and t-shirts and a library about the art of the 20th and 21st century.

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