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The sights of New York - Referat


The Times Square is called „big white street“ because of the neonlights.
This legendarily place had in the 1960er a big crisis. The lightplayhouses were made to porno sheds. So there were a lot of crazy and dangerously guys.
This ended in the 1990er.
Today there are a lot of tourists on times square
At silvester xome up to 1 million people.


Ellis Island is north-west of Liberty Island.
The small island became famous of 1892 to 1917 because it was point of approach for immigrants.
The immigrants were asked and examined on their state of health .
Sometimes they must went again to there old home.
In this years came 17 million immigrants.
Today the island is a national museum.


The Chrysler Building was build 1930.
The architekt of this building was Walter P. Chrysler.
With its 319 metres it was 1930 the highest building of the world, but just long, because The Empire Stae Building becam 1931 with 381 metres the title of the highest building of the world.


Broadway is the most famous and the longest street in the USA with 20 km. It is also the oldest street of New York. It's the only street which goes not straight like the other streets and avenues. It is northwest from the end of Manhatten and crossed Times Square. On Broadway there are many theaters, musicals and cinemas. Many actors who played in a theatre on the Broadyway get roles in big film projects , most of that in Hollywood.


Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island are the five boroughs of New York. Bronx whitch is in north of Manhattan, is the only borough whitch is on the mainland.
The most famous of these five boroughs is 21 kilometres long, it is called "Manhattan".
In Manhattan are many shops, nightclubs, theatres and museums.


Another sight is the statue of Liberty.
was a present from the French for the Americans. The statue was built in the year 1886.you can look into the statue and walk up. People who where there says
that it is very interesting. The Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers
are the typical landmarks of New York.


The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the famous bridges of the world. It is between
Manhattan and Brooklyn. The bridge was built in 1984 also it is over 20
years old and is the longest bridge in New York!
It is over 80 metres high and over 1 kilometre long.
Under the bridge is the East River. It is a beautiful and famous river


Central Park is one of the biggest parks .
Over 500 000 trees and bushes were planted there.
In the middle of the park is a
very good restaurant where you must book three weeks before, if you want to eat there.
In the park there is a zoo, sports fields a swimming pool and playgrounds .
In the summer there are often live concerts in the park.
There are a lot of skaters, musician and tourists.
The Strawberry Fields are a monument for john lennon, who was shot.

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