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The power of habit - Referat

The power of habit

(Your Name) packed his schoolbag. He was optimistic. This short story would be a cinch for him. In general he hated long-term tasks, but this time he would have promised that he would handle it in a different way. He wanted to do it bit by bit, piece by piece. The deadline seemed so far away.
Chris’s was a normal student, who wasn’t too much dedicated and who just wants to pass his task. He was one of about 1000 pupils, who went to the (school) in North Germany, where the sun doesn’t shines very often and the wind blows strong.
The same day Chris and one of his best friends Lennart met in the afternoon to arrange the greatest birthday party the world have ever seen. Either the guys suspected, that all of their good intentions got lost at that moment. Either the guys suspected, that they entered a path of harm which would be long.
Three weeks later Lennart reminded Chris of the task, the same stayed cool and ensured that they’d get it done easily, but in secret he was shocked about Lennart’ s message. He had totally forgotten his task and felt unwell about his behaviour and also a bit scared when he noticed that he had not been able to abjure his old intentions. Luckily he could calm down again by persuading himself, that the one week that was left to do the task would be enough to right such a simple short story. He was wrong.
The days elapsed without Chris doing anything for his homework. Always you told him, he reacted fast and angry. Sometimes he even started shouting. But nobody understood that his fantasy stagnated, if he just got near his desk or just thought about the waiting work. Nobody knew that he spend not few hours awake at night, because he was not able to sleep. Finally, at a
Thursday night, the last day before deadline, he pulled himself together. Come what may he sat himself in front of the computer an intended not to leave that place until his task would be done. He hardly had to force himself to right that story word by word until he reached the decision that this would not be good enough.
Just as he wanted to give up he agreed upon a compromise. He decided to write his real own story. He decided to put all his displeasure into a story on a real incident. Maybe, he thought, this would be his last change to finish the story till dawn. Under terrible tiredness he actually managed fought to finish, but not without coming to the conclusion never to saddle himself again such anguish.

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