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The Truman Show - Filmanalyse - Referat

The Truman Show

1. Describe an ordinary day in Trumanís life.
In the morning, Truman wakes up early. When he left his house, he speak to his
neighbours. The he buys the newspaper every day at the same stand. He works in
an office. In the afternoon he comes home and meet some day his friend Marlon ore
mow the lawn. In the evening he goes sleeping.

2. Characterize Truman Burbank.
Truman Burbank, the star of an television show, is a happy men who lives in Seahaven,
an fictitious town that is in the reality an huge studio where he were filmed the hole
day. He is very friendly to everyone, but a little bit crazy and spontaneous too.

3. Truman is afraid of water. Why?
When he was a little child, he was sailing with his father on the ocean. Suddenly are
the a big storm and his father fell out of the boat and drowned. This were staged by
Christof, the director of the TV show to scare Truman and that he does not go away
from Seahaven.

4. Which role does the advertisement play within the movie?
The soap is a good way to say the viewers that they must buy something. For example when Truman drinks a coffee from a special producer, than all people see this and think,
this coffee is very good and then they buy it. Or when his wife says that this knife is so
very good and so sharp, much people buy it too. It is a better and more efficient way
for advertisement because it happens in the subconscious (Unterbewusstsein).

5. In which situation could Truman actually recognize that something is wrong whithin his world?
Quite at the beginning of the film falls a camera from the studio ceiling. Truman is
wondering why this happens and recognize that something went wrong. Next he were
surprised when he see his presumed dead father as an homeless person.

6. What role does Trumanís wife Meryl play within his life? Characterize her.
The wife from Truman, Meryl, plays a big role in the show. She says often to Truman
that travelling isnít good, that he must stay near his family and so on... She is liable for,
that Truman doesnít go away from Seahaven and that the show can continue.
She is a good person, and likes Truman, but she is also an actor, and her love to Truman
is only played.

7. According to the movie, what has happened to Sylvia?
Sylvia tried to tell Truman that this all is a TV Show, because she loves Truman.
Therefore she was fired from the show so Truman canít recognize the truth.

8. When does Truman finally realize that something within ďhis worldĒ must be wrong?
At the end of the movie Truman tries to escape with a boat out of Seahaven. But the
ocean ends at the wall of the studio dash again it. Then he say goodbye to all viewers
and left the studio through a door. There ends the film.

9. How does Christof, the director, react towards Trumanís idea of travelling to Fiji? Christof makes that Truman canít fly. He makes all actors that they say to Truman flying
isnít good. When Truman would like to book the fly, he says over the woman in the
travel agency, that all flights are booked up. Christof do this, because he wouldnít like
that Truman goes away from Seahaven.

10. Comment on the poster in the travel agency saying ĎIt could happen to youí.
The poster says that travelling and flying is dangerous. On the picture is a plane that was
hit by a lightning. Christof and his people want to
scare Truman with this poster and that
he never flights away from Seahaven.

11. What role does Trumanís best friend Marlon play? Characterize him.
Trumanís best friend Marlon plays a similar role like Trumanís wife Meryl. He gives him a
good impression of a great world. He is also liable for, that Truman doesnít go away
from Seahaven. He is a friendly boy nearly in the same age like Truman. He is a good
friend for Truman but also an actor like the other people in the town. But I think, Marlon
likes Truman more than Meryl likes Truman.

12. Why did they decide on Truman as the protagonist of the show?
When Truman was born, he was unwanted. That means, his real parents wouldnít like to
have a baby in this moment. Furthermore he were born at the right date, where new
born babies were searched for the Truman Show. Because of this, Truman became a big
star on television.

13. How does Christof justify his show?
Christof says that Truman had the same true live like outside of the big studio. Only that
in Seahaven is more safety to live. He says outside of Seahaven you find the same fraud.
I think his biggest intention of Christof for the show is, to earn money, he thinks not long
that it maybe can be wrong to film Truman the whole day.

14. How would you describe Christofís relationship to Truman?
I think Christof likes Truman. He sees Truman always, the whole day. He knows Truman
completely and can fell good for Truman. But because Truman never had talked to
Christof, it is a difficult relationship. Truman thinks maybe in the first moment bad about
Christof because he earns money with him.

15. What role do the television viewers play? How do they react on Trumanís fate?
The viewers of the Truman show love Truman and fell with him. Of course, the viewers
are the cash cows (Goldesel) of the show. When in the show is an advertisement, much
people buy this things and preserve the show so. All people are with Truman and are
very interested by the show. They are happy when Truman left the studio and can
understand Trumanís decision.

16. Christof says: ďThere is no more truth out there than in the world I created for you.Ē
Discuss his statement.
In this statement Christof wants to keep Truman in the last moment in Seahaven.
Truman is his money source and he wants to earn more money a long time.
But what he says isnít the truth. In Seahaven are all actors they only play their roles in a
big TV show. His wife doesnít love him how she pretends. But out of Seahaven waits
Sylvia, his real love. Out of Seahaven he can find the reality. In the studio is all played Because of this, his statement is only a target to earn money. In this fake world is
mainly happiness, and in the real world it isnít so. There can be some bad situations too.
After this statement Christof says furthermore that in Seahaven is more safety for
Truman to live like in Seahaven. This may be true, but without this safety he can live
outside of the studio too. He neednít have this safety to live. Christof tells him lies.

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