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The US-Mexican border - Referat

The border was founded in the war 1853 between Mexico and the US. It is 3144 km long and ends 60km in the Pacific Ocean and 60km in the Gulf of Mexico. The border also runs through many biomes and separate the states California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the USA and Baja California Norte, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas in Mexico. The border was crossed every year by ca 350.000 peoples on foot and 5 million cars and trucks. Many illegal immigrants tried to get at the other side in the USA, but many dies, but only a few were registered for example between 1998 and 2003 6029 deaths. Some immigrants pay to reach the USA, but the gangs or smuggler clean them up, let them alone in the desert, or they kill them. Since September 11, the border security becomes the priority of counter terrorism and a lot of money, to prevent it.

Border Patrol
The border is protected, by the United States Border Patrol, or USBP. It was founded in the year 1924 and was a part of the United States Department of Labor. Since 2003 the border patrol is a part of ďUS customs and border protectionĒ, or short: CBP. His intended job is to prevent the entering of terrorist and terrorist weapons, but now the main job is to prevent the drugs smuggling and to detect and prevent illegal immigration. Today itís guard by 20.000 agents. Everyone has to spend 13 weeks into a camp for agents of the border patrol, before they begin. They donít only stay at land. They also protect the border in the sea or at the harbor. The border runs through the desert or through other biomes, which the agents reach with different vehicles, like normal cars, trucks, jeeps or specific armored cars, which reminds of tanks. Sometimes places werenít accessible with cars, so the patrols have to ride horses, like in the past. A big problem is, that they werenít choose carefully. Thatís why some men shot above the border and hurt Mexican people.

Drugs smuggling
Another big problem is the drug smuggling. The drug smugglers have very good ideas, to smuggle their things. Itís very hard to catch them, because they donít smuggle by themselves normally.
They use self-made catapults or cannons,
which shoot little packets with drugs, or they have little drones, which fly over the border. They also have little packets with drugs money or other stuff in it. This method is very risky, because these drones havenít a big range. Besides they often crash the ground, so the patrols can catch the content.
A very expensive method is to build a tunnel. They need a big length and if you want to go through, you need ventilation. Otherwise you canít breathe. If you donít want to go through, you need electricity rails with a little train. Itís still difficult, expensive and takes a long time, to build a tunnel.
A very bad method is, to give illegal immigrants drugs packets, which they take over the border. The way over the border is very hard, but if they manage it, the accomplice of the smugglers, who are in the USA, take off the drugs and shoot at the survivor. So they have to torment themselves with dreams of a better life, but if they get it, they will die. Another method, which isnít spread, is to drive with submarines in the sea and land at the coast of California.

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