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The political system of Germany - Referat

Germany is a democracy.
Each citizens at the age of 18 has the right to vote.
There are five main political parties in Germany.
General elections are held every four years.

The head of state is the Federal President.
His name is Horst Köhler.
He is elected for five years.
He concludes treaties, appoints and dismisses the Federal Civil servants and professional soldiers.
He is also signs laws and he has the right to reprieve.

There is a system of checks and balances.
Three branches share the power.
These branches are the legislative, the judicial and the executive branches.

The legislative branch is the Bundestag, the German parliament.
The members of the Bundestag are elected by the people in General Elections every four years.
The Bundestag passes laws and checks the cabinet.
It’s responsible for the national budget.

The executive branch is the government, the chancellor and his minister.
The name of the Chancellor is Angela Merkel.
It’s the cabinet.
The Chancellor is elected by the members of the Bundestag.
The Foreign Minister is Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
The Minister of Finance is Peer Steinbrück and
The Defence Minister is Franz-Joseph Jung.

The third branch is the judicial one.
The Federal Constitutional Court is in Kalrsruhe.
8 judges belong to the Constitutional Court.
The Federal Constitutional Court checks the legislative and the executive branches.
The laws have to correspond to the constitution.
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