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The Shining - Referat

By Stephen KING


Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland Maine. His parents were Donald Edwin King and Ruth Pillsbury King. Stephen was the only natural born child in the family and his older brother David had been adopted.
The Kings were the typical family until one night Donald was stepping out and never come back again. Then the whole family travelled through many states and came 1958 back to Maine.

Stephen King began his actual writing career in January of 1959 when David King and Stephen decided to publish their own local town newspaper named Dave's Rag.
During his first year at college, King completed his first full-length novel, "The Long Walk." Stephen King made his first small sale with his story "The Glass Floor" for the amount of thirty-five dollars.
Then he began to earn money for his writings by submitting his short stories do men's magazines such as Cavalier. On January 2, 1971, Tabitha Jane Spruce and Stephen were married.
After he had quite his job at school, King has had numerous short stories and novels published and movies created from his work. Stephen King has also played roles in some of his movies. He is called the "Master of Horror". His books have been translated into 33 different languages, published in over 35 different countries. There are over 300 million copies of his novels in publication. Stephen Edwin King is one of today’s most popular and best selling writers. He continues to live in Bangor, Maine with his wife and his three children, where he writes out of his home.

King combines the elements of psychological thrillers, science fiction, the paranormal, and detective themes into his stories.

So the American Dream comes true
From the dishwasher – To the millionaire

Some of his most famous books:
1975 Salem’s Lot (Brennen muss Salem, 1979)
1977 The Shining (Shining, 1982)
1980 Firestarter (Feuerkind, 1982)
1983 Pet Cemetery (Friedhof der Kuscheltiere, 1985)
1988 Bare Bones (Angst, 1989)
1993 Nightmares and Dreamscapes (collection of stories)
1996 The Green Mile
2004 The dark Tower
The story is about Danny Torrance, a five year old boy who is a ”shiner”. He is able to sense feelings and thoughts of others. When he moves to the Overlook Hotel with his parents Jack and Wendy Torrance, where his father is working as a caretaker, he has a lot of nightmares and visions and in certain rooms he sees horrible things. His ”invisible playmate”, Tony, warns him of this place. The hotel takes possession of Jack Torrance and persuades him to kill his family. But when Danny feels the danger, he calls Dick Hallorann, a friend, via thoughts for help. Dick really receives his message, he finally arrives to help them and the family is able to flee. The Overlook Hotel explodes because Jack has forgotten to dumb the pressure gauge of the boiler heating. He dies in this explosion together with the hotel’s evil spirits. Wendy and Danny begin a new life.
John Torrance was an alcoholic and he visited
the bars with his friend every day. But one day, when he was drunk, he came home and he broke Danny’s arm. After this moment he gave up drinking and he became a good dad. He is also a good dad when they are in the Overlook hotel. At first he is very friendly to Danny and he is not thinking about a drink. But after some time the bad spirit comes in him. He becomes aggressive and takes many aspirin. At the end Danny is also able to talk to his real dad and John doesn’t want to hurt him. He warns him and says that he should run away. First Danny doesn’t want because he loves his daddy very much.
Danny Torrance is a five – year old boy who is very intelligent, and he is a shiner, which means that he is able to read other people’s thoughts and feelings and to send messages to other shiners using only the strength of his thoughts. He always has a lot of strange dreams and scaring visions. He has got something his parents call an ”invisible playmate”: Tony, who appears in dreams and visions and shows Danny beautiful or scaring things. From the first time his parents mentioned to move to the Overlook Hotel, Danny was afraid and Tony warned him of this place, but he does not dare to tell it to his parents, because he is able to sense his mother’s hopes concerning this hotel. In the course of the action he develops a considerable strength for dealing with this supernatural horror.
Wendy Torrance is a very beautiful woman, who loves her family very much. First she did not want to realize Jack’s drinking problem, but soon she was very scared of him and was glad when they moved away from his friends. The thought of spending a whole winter isolated in the mountains alone with her family scares her. She has heard about strange things happening there, people dying or getting killed. Another caretaker of this very same hotel went insane and killed his whole family because he could not stand the isolation. But being a positive thinking woman, Wendy tries to look forward to it and tells herself that maybe it will be a good chance for them all.

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