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The rocky mountains-Population - Referat

Today I’d like to have an essay about the population in the Rocky Mountains.

I arranged that in the following points
First Important cities
Second Facts
Third the history of the population
And fourth industry

How you already know the Rocky Mountains are going through the five states Montana Idaho Wyoming Colorado and New Mexico

The most important cities in these states which are in the Rocky Mountains are:

Missoula with less than 62.000 inhabitants Helena with more than 27.000 inhabitants
Idaho Falls with ca. 52.000 inhabitants and Pocatello with actually the same number of inhabitants
Laramie with round 26.000 inhabitants
Denver with more than 560.000 and Colorado springs with almost 370.000
Santa Fe with ca 68.000 inhabitants, Las Vegas with almost 15.000 inhabitants and last Albuquerque with 480.000 inhabitants

When you look at the map you will see that actually all of the cities are built at rivers.
And you’ll see that here in the east there are much more and bigger cities.
With an average of four people per square kilometre the population in the Rocky Mountains isn’t very high and there aren’t many cities with more than 50.000 inhabitants.
After the last big ice age there lived Indians in the Rockies
Starting from 1720 white hunters came into the Rocky Mountains. Soon the mountains were known as a rich fur area. Fur trade companies fighted hard for the best company in the Rockies
William Henry Ashley organized one of the first expeditions into the Rocky Mountains.
Then in 1858 gold was found in Colorado. More and more white settler came to the valleys and towns and pushed the Indians more and more away.

Today the mining industry and the tourism in the Rocky Mountains is the most important industry

In the Rocky Mountains valuable minerals as gold silver lead and zinc were found.
Dirty water and nature was the result of the dismantling of the minerals.

The mountains are a famous vacation place. In one year million of people travel to the Rockies.

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