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The three most dangerous addictions - Referat

The three most dangerous addictions

There are various forms of addiction. You can be addicted to food, TV, chocolate, prestige, computers, a spotless home, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, nicotine, drugs and other things. Addiction is a pathological desire for something. This chapter will deal with the three most dangerous addictions: nicotine, alcohol and drugs.
A person may become addicted because he/she
• is trying to run away from something
• cannot cope with something
• wants to escape from the future
• cannot face the pressure at school, work or at home
• is unable to make friends and feels very lonely
• wants to escape boredom


Smoking kills! Twelve times more people die from smoking related illnesses than are killed in road accidents. So if 34 people die on the roads during Easter holidays, 408 will die of smoking related illnesses.
Why does smoking kill? Tobacco smoke contains about 1000 chemicals. That means that every time you inhale cigarette smoke you have invited 1000 chemicals to come into your body. Many of these chemicals can kill.
Here are the names of some of them:

Nicotine: It is a poisonous drug. It affects heart and nerves. After a while you become addicted to it.
Tar: stays in the lungs after the tobacco smoke has disappeared. Tar contains 17cemicals which cause cancer.
Carbon monoxide: Is a poisonous gas. It stops oxygen moving around your body.
Hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and butane: are poisonous gases. They make you cough.


All alcoholic drinks contain ethanol. Ethanol affects your brain.
Here is what happens when you drink alcohol:
Alcohol in milligrams per litre of blood: What happens to you:
50 mg of alcohol in blood brings a lack A little ethanol makes you feel relaxed.
of concentration.
80mg of alcohol in blood means that More ethanol makes you feel dizzy and you are unfit to drive car. If you drive, you can’t walk straight. You can’t see and
you could have a serious accident. speak clearly. You become aggressive. This often leads to fights and accidents on the road.
200 mg of alcohol in blood brings Even more ethanol means that you can’t
unconsciousness. stand up straight any more and you become unconscious.
mg of alcohol in blood could mean Even more ethanol means that you could
death from alcohol poisoning. die. It’s called alcohol poisoning.


Heroin is made from opium poppies. Heroin users have a feeling of power and contentment. Afterwards they become anxious and depressed. Heroin users become addicted to the drug and are in danger of taking an overdose. They can die from the overdose.
Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca bush. When they take it, they have a feeling of energy and strength. After then they become confused and anxious. Cocaine users become addicted and don’t sleep well.
LSD is made from a fungus. Users see everything changed in size, colour and shape. Afterwards they sometimes see things that are not there. They sometimes have “bad trips”, suffer from fear, depression and mental illness.
Cannabis is made from the leaves of the Indian hamp plant. The Effect is that they seem to see, hear, fell and think more clearly. After they become confused and do dangerous things. Users want to try stronger drugs like heroin.
Synthetic or designer drugs like Crack, Speed and Ecstasy are produced in chemical labs. They are very dangerous because they lead to addiction faster than others.

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