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The book "Dorfpunks" - Referat

I’d like to tell you about my book “Dorfpunks” wich is written by Rocko Schamoni. It’s some kind of autobiografy of himself and came out 2004
It’s a book in wich he describes his youth in “Schleswig Holstein”.
It should be a memory to a youth, that many people had. Cows, bikes, beer, school, stress, lovesickness and the deadly boredom.

The village where he lives is peaceful, too peaceful for Rocko. Fastly, the “big and dangerous engine boredom” drives him. He steals, deals with selfmade explosive on the playground and is drunk the first time with twelve years. When punk arrived the town “Schmalenstedt” Rocko fastly belongs to them. He wears dirty and broken clothes, trinks orangewine, goes to hard rock concerts and to their local “Meier’s”. Be wild and be different is quite difficult in the province. Because of that, everyone in Rockos Gang only talks about what they want to do later. They fought the emptiness wich follows because they can’t get what they want with beeing together.

Rocko Schamoni released some cd’s and wrote more books, for example „Risiko des Ruhms“. For Rocko, punk is be freer, wilder, cleverer and don’t be like other people. His opinion: “We need to have diversion, movements, kicks. It hurts to keep still. We have to suffer ourselves, but not be like other people.”

I like the book very much. I can identify myself with the author because he writes his story very authentic and it’s believable. I know his situation and I think it’s a little bit like in our region. There’s nothing going on and you havn’t got any perspectives.

(Ich hab dazu noch ne Textstelle vorgelesen, das kommt gut an...jedenfalls bei meiner Lehrerin)
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