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The Beatles - Referat

About The Beatles

In 1957 Paul McCartney and John Lennon, who were already involved in the music scene individually, met at a church party and formed The Beatles. George Harrison joined the band shortly after, followed by Pete Best - their original drummer. The group were known as The Quarrymen and began to give concerts around the City. The band had several different names before they called themselves The Beatles.
The group got much experience while playing in Hamburg, Germany.By following year, Brian secured a record contract for the group. Beatlemania was about to begin!
Pete Best was replaced by a drummer named Ringo Starr and the Beatles recorded their first single 'Love Me Do'. Their second single 'Please Please Me' was the first of many to reach the number 1 in the charts.
Following this, The Beatles made their first film - "A Hard Days Night", before they started a world tour through Australia, the Far East and again, America. Finally hysterical fans made live performances impossible. The Beatles performed their last concert in Candlestick Park, San Francisco on 29th August 1966.
After the death of Brian Epstein, The Beatles decided to form their own company, Apple. In 1969 The Beatles made their last live performance on the roof of Apple's Saville Row building.
Financial problems for Apple followed, and disagreements within the band. In the meantime two members of The Beatles married: Paul to Linda Eastman and John to Yoko Ono.
In 1970 Paul filed a suit against John, George, Ringo and Apple to dissolve the group and they went their own ways. The Beatles were finally dissolved in 1975.
On the 8th December 1980, John was murdered in New York by a crazy fan, so there was no hope that The Beatles might reunite.
Today, The Beatles are a world-wide legend and their music will always be remembered and loved for many generations.

I like the Beatles because their lyrics are very meaningful and while listening to their songs I'm thinking of the summer.

involved - beteiligt
secure - sichern
record contract - Plattenvertrag
replace - ersetzen
suit - anzeigen
disolve - auflösen ( hier :Gruppe auflösen)
reunite - wiedervereinigen
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