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The Death of Karen Silkwood - Referat

The Death of Karen Silkwood

About the author

Joyce Hannam is an experienced teacher and lecturer. She has taught English in several European countries. Now, she lives in York, in the north of England, and works mostly with Japanese university students and business people from Germany.

For her story about Karen Silkwood she used information from books and from the well-known film. Karen Silkwood was a real person. There is still a mystery about her death in a car accident, and perhaps we will never know the real story of her death.

Joyce Hannam is married to a musician and has one young daughter. All three of them enjoy singing at all times and in all places.

Karen Silkwood:

Karen Silkwood was born on 19th February in 1946 in Longview, Texas. She died on 13th November in 1974 in a car Ė accident in Oklahoma. She worked for a trade union an played an important role in the disclosing of a scandal in the US-nuclear industry.

The story:

Karen Silkwood worked for a trade union in Oklahoma. Before that, she worked as a secretary, but she was really tired of a secretaryís life. Karen worked with uranium in the factory. One day the scanner scanned Karenís body. It discovers by a shower that her body was radioactive. A week later, when the workers had to vote for the new committee, most of the women voted for Karen. After the votes Karen checked that there had been something wrong with the safely of the atomic reactor. Then she stole negatives to proof the scandal but a manager saw this. A month or two later the alarm sounded again. This time Karen was in front of the scanner and she had to go to the shower. The security service of the Power Plant put Karenís things in bags and found the stolen uranium. The manager was very angry. Karen tried to explain everything her boyfriend Drew and told him, that the factory wasnít safe. Both had to go to Los Alamos for medical testing. Karenís body was still a little bit radioactive. On the next day Karen would have a meeting with the New York Times to tell her information about the factory and her safely but she never arrived because there was a mysterious car accident where she died. Drew thought that the atomic industry caused Karenís death but he couldnít prove that.

My own opinion:

I think the book was very interesting but the story was real and very exerting.

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