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The Corrs - Referat

The Corrs exist of 4 brothers and sisters. Jim Sharon Caroline and Andrea Corr.
They grew up in Dundalk an Irish provincial town. They come from a musical family. Their parents are Garry and Jean Corr. Theire national breakthrough came in 1995, after they published her first album with the title Forgiven, need Forgotten. They reached the breakthrough in Great Britain and in remaining Europe with a Remix version of the album as well as the cover version from Fleedwood Macs \"Dreams\". The CD was the most successful album of 1998 in Great Brittain.2000 they published her third studio album in Blue with which they reached the breakthrough in the USA, and played a MTV Unplugged concert. A year later appeared a Best of all of-album. In 2004 the brothers and sisters published Borrowed Heaven, an album which was marked by the death of her mother. She died at the age of 57 years of a rare lung illness. In 23. September, 2005 the album Home which contains primarily Irish songs appeared under it also some cover versions of Traditionals and more topical titles. And Now some Facts about the corrs:

1993: CARA Awards (Ireland): Best Newcomers.
1996: IRMA Awards (Ireland): Best New Irish Act.
1997: Premios Amigos: Best International Album for „Forgiven Not Forgotten“.
1997: Irish National Entertainment Awards
1997 (Irland) Best Irish Group.
1998: Premios Amigos: Best Internatinal Group and Best International Album.
1999: Irish National Entertainment Awards
1999 (Irland): Popular Music.
1999: Brit Awards (Vereinigtes Königreich): Best International Group. 1999: HMV Awards (Vereinigtes Königreich): HMV International Award.
1999: World Music Award (verliehen in Monte Carlo): World\'s biggest-selling Irish act.
1999: Heineken-Hot Press Awards (Nordirland): Best Irish Band and Best Live Performance in Ireland by an Irish Act for „Live Landsdowne Road“.
2000: Capital FM\'s London Awards (Vereinigtes Königreich): London\'s Favourite International Group.
2000: Singapore Radio Music Awards (Singapur): Best Pop Group.
2000: My VH1 Music Awards (USA): Best
Kept Secret.
2001: NRJ Music Awards (France): Best International Band.
2001: Capital FM\'s London Awards (Vereinigtes Königreich): Concert Capital Award.
2003: Irish World Award (Irland): : Best International Act.
2005: Member of the Order of the British Empire

Albums :
1995: Forgiven, Not Forgotten
1997: Talk on Corners
2000: In Blue was theire best album.
2004: Borrowed Heaven
2005: Home

1995: Runaway
1995: Forgiven, Not Forgotten
1995: The Right Time
1996: Love To Love You
1997: Only When I Sleep
1997: I Never Loved You Anyway
1998: What Can I Do
1998: Dreams
1998: So Young
1992: Runaway (Tin-Tin Out Remix)
1999: I Know My Love (The Chieftains feat. The Corrs)
1999: Radio
1999: Old Town
2000: Breathless
2000: Irresistible
2001: Give Me A Reason
2001: All The Love In The World
2001: Would You Be Happier?
2002: When The Stars Go Blue (feat. Bono)
2004: Summer Sunshine
2004: Angel
2004: Long Night
2005: Heart Like A Wheel/Old Town
2006: Goodbye
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