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The Castle of Heidelberg - Referat

The castle of Heidelberg

The castle of Heidelberg is very famous all over the world. Every year about one hundred thousands tourists visit it. The castle over the Neckar river was found about 1225. from the 13th to the 17th century it was the home of the electors of the palatinate. The french people destroyed the castle in the year 1689 and 1693. There are many buildings in the castle. Friedrich the 5th built the higher part of the “dicken Turm” into a theatre for his wife. The theatre looks like the Globetheatre in London. He also built the “Englischer Bau” for his wife in the years from 1610 to 1613. The “Englischer Bau” was destroyed by the french people. Perkeo was a clownwho drank a lot of alcohol. Ruprecht the 3rd lived in Heidelberg from 1398 till 1410. The “Ruprechtsbau” named after him. At the Entrance of the garden is the “Elisabethentor”. It was built in one night from Friedrich the 5th for his wife Elisabeth to her 20th birthday. The castle garden named “Hortus Palatinus” was put on 1616: At this time it was more famous as the castle and it was called the 8th worldwonder.

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