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The battle of Berlin - Referat

The battle of Berlin

With the order of Stalin in the beginning of 1945 to conquer Berlin as the final coup, the battle of Berlin started. He collected a giant army of 2.5 million soldiers, about 6000 tanks, 7500 planes and thousands of ordnances. Their enemies were about 1 million heavily chipped soldiers, about 800 tanks without air support and a very bad ammunition supply.

On the 16th April 1945 the red army started their offensive against Berlin with a nipper attack and the heaviest artillery barrage of the whole war. This attack was symbolic for the brutality of the whole world war.

The real battle of Berlin started on the 21st April 1945 when Soviet soldiers had gone through the city limit of Berlin. The day before Adolf Hitler had celebrated his birthday and had medalled some young boys. The German General Hellmuth Reymann ordered to defend Berlin „till the last cartridge was shot and the last man has died“.The German soldiers didn't have a chance to win but they were fighting fanatically. But the red army was also fighting very hard :

they had begun to shoot down houses of civil persons, because hidden German soldiers could be inside them. Many soldiers and civil persons died. At this time Adolf Hitler was in the leader-bunker with his wife Eva Braun and his friend and minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Adolf Hitler had realised that he couldn't win the war and he and his wife did suicide and hours later Joseph Goebbels and his wife did the same after they had killed their six children with poison.

The last battle of the parliament was lost on the 30th April 1945 when the last German soldiers died or went in prison. At 12:45 two soldiers of the red army set their own flag on the German parliament. On the 1st May 1945 the red army had the last fights against little groups of German defenders. Early in the morning of the 2nd May 1945 the last General of the German army capitulated and the battle of Berlin was over.

In the following days the red army did some terrible things to the German civil population they stole things and they abused German women and German girls sexually.
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