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THE da vinci code - Referat

Book review

Name of the book: The Da Vinci Code
Publisher: Lübbe
Author: Dan Brown

Dan Brown was born on the 22nd of June 1964 in New Hampshire. Before he started to write he was a singer. Then he was a teacher in a grammar school, but only to earn money.
His first thriller was Diabolus.

I borrowed this book from Tobias because I really wanted to read it. Before I read it I had seen the film.

The Da Vinci Code is certainly a thriller because the main character, Robert Langdon, is always in trouble and he has to solve almost irresolvable assignments.

Now I want to tell you the main events in the book:

The story begins, when Silas, an albino-monk kills Jacques Saunière, the director of the Louvre in Paris. Before Saunière died he left a message for his daughter Sophie Neveu and for Robert Langdon. He knew that Sophie and Robert would find out the secret of Sophie’s identity. Jacques makes a riddle full of dangers for Sophie and Robert. They often are lucky to escape from the police and sometimes they don’t know what to do. But in conclusion Langdon and Neveu solve the problems on their stony way.

My favourite character is definitely Robert Langdon, a professor at Harvard University. He has a girlfriend named Vittoria but in this story she doesn’t appear. I think Robert falls in love with Sophie Neveu but this is only my own opinion. He is in Paris when Jacques Sauniere is killed. The police suspect him because he has got a meeting with Saunière in the afternoon he is killed but at this time Jacques Sauniere was already dead. In the end of the book he finds out the secret of Jesus Christ and his offspring.

My least favourite character is Sir Leigh Teabing. He is a suspicious grail researcher. He is an Englishman but he lives
in Paris to search for the Holy Grail.

My favourite section in the book is when Sir Leight Teabing is arrested. He is the mysterious teacher. Nobody knew that. It was very surprising.

My least favourite section is in the middle of the book as Silas killed an innocent nun. He appears in the monastery to search some documents. I don’t know why he kills the poor nun.

The book is very well written and interesting. It’s always thrilling and the thrill never ends. It seems so, because when one challenge is overcome another more thrilling one appears. The characters are really believable and maybe you can identify with a person in the book.

I have read Illuminati by Dan Brown too and it was also very exciting to read.
I would really recommend the book because I like it and I think it is written for every age class.

Thank you for listening….

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