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The clown - Referat

One evening the 17 years old Sarah had to pay attention to her neighbours’ baby Ben because they wanted to go out to
a opening of a club in the city. She knows the family and did it some times before. At eight o’clock Sara rang at
the big house from the Jefferson’s. Mrs. Jane Jefferson opened the door. She looked very good in her beautiful red dress.
Out of the kitchen Mr. Jefferson shouted: “Is it Sarah? “ He looked out of the kitchen door with his long black hair:
“Oh, good that you’re there. We are a bit late.” He went back to the kitchen and Mrs. Jefferson said: “Come with me.
Ben is lying in his bed. He has to sleep in a few minutes. “ Sarah followed her trough the floor. „He already drank his milk
so you just have to sit a little bit next to him so that he can fall asleep. Our mobile phone number is hanging
at the fridge in the kitchen. “, she said. Sara napped and Mrs. Jefferson continued: „ You can watch TV in the living
room but not too loud so that you can hear it, if Ben will awake. If you get hungry, I bought some food for you.
It’s in the kitchen on the …“ „Honey, we’ll come too late, if you tell her everything again. It’s not the first time
that she pays attention to Ben. “, Mr. Jefferson shouted from outside. „Ok, we have to go now. We´ll see us tomorrow and
if something happens then call us. Good Bye. “, Mrs. Jefferson said to Sarah before she closed the door. Sarah went to
Ben’s room and sat down next to him. After he fell asleep she went in the living room and turned the TV on. She was sitting on the
on the big sofa and sapped the channels but there was nothing interesting at TV. It became very warm in the room so she opened
the door of the terrace. Then she went to the kitchen and made some food. Suddenly there was a quit noise. She thought
Ben woke up but as she was looking in his room she saw that he was still sleeping. At 10 o’clock she turned the TV off
having enouth of sapping between the channels. She looked through the room. The Jefferson’s have much money. Everything in
the room looks nice and expensive. The room didn’t change very much since Sara was there the last time. There was just
a new
carpet and on her right was a new clown figure. He was as high as a little man and in his face was an ugly smile with
crazy eyes. She couldn’t understand how someone can buy such an ugly figure. It became boring and she turned the TV on again.
After some minutes she heard a noise again. She became a little scary and the clown figure looked at her all the time with his
crazy eyes . Again and again there were quit noises and then suddenly there was a loud ringing. She startled up but
then she heard that it was just the phone in the kitchen. It was Mrs. Jackson: “Hey, Sara. I just want to know if everything
is fine.” “Yes, it’s all fine,thank you. Just the big clown figure in the living room is driving me a bit scary. ”, Sara answered. “Which
clown figure? We have no clown figure in our house...” Sara hang up the phone, ran to Bens room. He was sleeping in his bed.
Sara took him and ran with him through the backdoor outside.Having arrived at home she told her parents everything. Her parents called the police.
After half an hour a policeman rang at their door. After he has spoken with Sara’s parents he said to her: “You had much luck
tonight. You saved not only your own but also the life of the little Ben. The man who disguised himself as a clown is a well-known kidnaper.
The police is searching him for more than a year.”

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