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Teenage Pregnancy - Referat

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Hello and welcome to my presentation about teen pregnancy. First I want to tell you why I choose this topic.I have a little brother, he is 7 months old. When I go for a walk with him, a lot of people look very strange. Some people come to me and ask if he is my own baby. I must laugh but then I think .. Me as a mother at 15? Noo!
But what would I do if I would experienced that I'm pregnant? What problems would I have? How would be my daily life after birth? I will tell you more about it!

Abortion :

First I want to begin with the important question.. Do I want to keep the fetus or shall I abort it?Teen abortion is a decision that will impact your life dramatically, whether you decide to abort or decide to give birth. There are several different methods used in performing abortions, depending upon how far along the pregnancy is. I don't want to speak about this unhuman methods.The reasons for an abortion could be e.g to save the life of the mother or when the unborn child has medical problems or birth defects or also if the mother cannot afford to support a child . I could understand girls who were violated and don't want the child , because it's a terrible memory.

Problems :

What problems has a pregnant girl?
A pregnant girl is scared of the daily life after birth and the responsibility. Fear of the parents , compulsive fear by the child father to be left alone with the baby, fears about school education and fear of the relation people like friends and teachers. I think it's important to ask the parents what would they do. Still she decide what she will do. It's not allowed to force her to have an abortion or to keep the child. The important thing is - once you know about the pregnancy - go to the doctor and seek an advisory. One of the main problems is the school , you have stress and can't concentrate , so you're probably getting bad at school and quit it. At first you don't have a graduation. Without any education no job without job no money , it's a vicious circle. There are teen help programs, too. If a teen decides to keep her baby - they still need somewhere to learn parenting skills.These programs usually teach skills how to care of the child, themselves, and how to balance life in general.

Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy :

The future does not often hold great promise for a teenage mother and her child. If the pregnant teeny wants to keep the child she have to know that she could get a miscarriage. It could be more painful than an abortion. Of course the girl is scared of the prejudice in society , she don't want that the people look strange and talk about her behind her back. Your life will be changed very quicky after birth. Parenting is a full-time job , if you think you can spend time for typical teenager's activities like going out with friends in the evenings , you are wrong. Teen parenting isn't easy. They must live two lives in one, as a teen and as a parent.
Health Risks to the Teenage Mother and to the baby
The teenage mother has special problems, physically and emotionally. The death rate
from pregnancy complications is much higher among girls who give birth under age 15 than among older mothers. A pregnant girl is getting often depressed and have a lot of stress. The skin of the girl is streched and she get ugly strech marks. But this problem don't care so much girls , they have enough other problems. Some girls drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs to forget the problems but it's really bad for the baby. The baby growing inside a mother is in a most dependent, and often risky, place. Low birth weight is the most immediate health problem. Babies born to teenagers often are born too small, too soon. Low birth weight babies may have immature organ systems e.g brain, lungs or heart. The little baby have a risk of dying in early infancy that is much higher than among normal weight babies.

Adoption :

If you don't want to abort your baby but have no time for it and want live your life just like an ordinary girl you can decide to put your baby up for adoption, you could have an open or closed adoption. An open adoption is when you get to choose the parents who will be raising your baby. One benefit of this is that you can form a relationship with your baby's new parents and possibly even keep in contact as your baby grows. A closed adoption is when everything is kept private. There are also different ways to go about the adoption. You could choose to use an agency.

Now some statistics , they can be boring , but this statistics are alarming.

Every year almost one million teenage girls become pregnant.
More than half of them are 17 years old or younger when they have their first pregnancy.
Approximately one-third of the girls who get pregnant carry their pregnancies to term and keep their babies.
About another third have abortions, and the other third has spontaneous miscarriages.
The United States of America has double the adolescent pregnancy and birth rates of any other industrialized country.
Less than one-third of teens who have babies before the age of 18 finish high school.
Almost half of all teen mothers end up on welfare.

Reasons for early pregnancies:

Parent's don't talk about sex and prevention.
Teens have earlier sex than about 20 years ago.
In some societies, early marriage and traditional gender roles are important factors
Wrong way of using prevention.
Problems in the own family.
Poorness and fear about bad future.
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