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the abyssinia crisis - Referat

The League of Nations came into being after the end of the first world war. America entered World War One in 1917.The president Woodrow Wilson had the idea to create the League of nations. When the peace negotiations first started in October 1918,the Fourteen Points by Woodrow Wilson serves as the basic fort he signing ofthe Armiistrice
and in the Fourteen points included the League of Nations.
The task of the League of nations was to maintrain world peace and which would sort out international disputes.The League of nations was established withthree main constitutional organs:the Assembly;the council;the permanent secretariat. But bevor he could enforce this he was selected. After all the League of Nations yet enforced.
The League of Nations was to be based in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the lte 1800s,faced with economic trouble,Italy needed to join in
The ’’ Scramble for Africa’’that the rest of Europe ws participating
In so that it could expand economically.In this time Italy had been
Unfield and was ready to expand all the best territories had already been claimed.So Italy looked to Abyssinia to expand.In 1896 the Italians were defeated at the Battle of Adowa.

Beito Mussolini saw Abyssinia as a prime target because he saw himself as a secound Julius Caesar and believed the would command the Roman Empire in the futur.

The Abyssinia crisis from1935 to 1936 . In December 1934, Mussolini accused the Abyssinians of aggression at an oasis called Wal Wal.
He ordered Italian troops stationed in Somaliland and Eritrea to attack Abyssinia. In October 1935, the Italian army invaded Abyssinia.
Since both Abyssiania and Italy were members of the League of Nations.
Abyssinia asked the Leag of Nations for help. At first the League of Nations had the idea to close the Suez canal but they didn’t.
The League of Nations responded very weakly and imposed an immediat ban on arms sales. But it was ineffecttive and sothe invasion continued unhindered untilthe capital,Addit Ababa surrendered in May 1936 and Abyssinia combined with Ertrea and Somaliand was renamed into the Italian East Africa.

The Manchurian crisis happend in 1931 beacause China was inveded byJapan.In this time many people lived in proverty.
The Japanese sent a the army to China in ordert o get out oft he depression. south Manchuria and renemed it as Manchukou.After this The League of Nations sent a Lytton Commission trying to make sure
what was heppening between China and Japan.But Lord Lytton’sreport took a year to bepublished so Japan had set upa puppet government with in Manchuria and plansto invalde China.It must be added that WallStreet crash had a devastating effect on the Japanese economy as the USA and Japan were major trading partners. Then the League of nations finaly had faild because japan left the League in 1933.

This sowed how weak the League of NAtions was.Japan’s major trading partner was the U.S. ,wich never joined the League of nations so the League couln’t tahe sanctions.

The reason why the League failed wasfirstly the great power
Who had come up with the idea oft he League (USA) didn’t
Even join the League. Then the members France and Britain were more interessted at they own empire.The USA also had the largest army in the world.This could have helped resolve a crisis but they never joined the LON .USA was also the biggest trader in the world at the time .Therefore any sanctions impoded by the League would be useless.This happened in Manchuria, as there was no point in a
Trade ban,as the USA wasJapans main trading partner anyway.
Becasue the League didn’t have very good organisation,
it took a long time to figure out ’who was in the wrong’.
IN fact it took a whole year fort he League to decide that Japan was the agressir in the Manchurain crises.

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