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Tennis - 4.Version - Referat

Jeu de Paume is deemed to be the beginning of the today’s tennis, a rebound game that began in the 13th century in France. This game was played only with the hand and a ball. Lawn-Tennis began in the 18th century in England. The first rules were written down 1874 by the major Walter Clapton Wingfield. The first players called the game Lawn-Tennis. The first world championships in Lawn-Tennis for amateurs in All-England started at 1877 for men and 1884 for women in Wimbledon. The Australians began playing tennis 1880 in Melbourne and at the end of the 19th century Lawn-tennis was played all over the world in the British Empire and in a lot of other countries. 1881 in Baden-Baden the first german tennis-club was build and 1892 the first championships were played in Germany. All german tennis-clubs are integrated in the "Deutsche Tennis Bund (DTB)". 1971 the professional men build the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the women build the Women Tennis Association (WTA). These organisations publish regulary the world tennis ranking list for men and women every year.

The four important yearly battled tournaments of the international circuits are the British Open in Wimbledon, the French Open in Paris, the US Open in New York and the Australian Open in Melbourne. These four Championships would mark for Grand Slam tournaments. As Grand Slam would mark the win of these four important tournaments with in one year. The German player Steffi Graf won this Grand Slam in the year 1988. The first international Championship was the Daviscup. Since 1900 it’s a contest for the best men national teams in the world. The famous team tournament for women is the Federation Cup. This contest is played since 1963.

The US Open Tennis tournament is arranged in New York. The first contest was the US National Championship for the gentlemen-individual and dual, and was played in August 1881 in Newport. The attendance was only for Tennis clubs which were members of the United States National Lawn Tennis Association. 1887 the first US Women National Singles Championship took place at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. 1889 they played the first Championship for women duals. The first mixed dual-tournament was battled in 1892. Until 1921 the venues for the contests of the women were
associated with the men duals. Since 1978 the US Open takes place in Flushing Meadow. The price money grew up from 100.000 US-Dollar in the year 1968 to more than 15 Mio. US-Dollar today. At the end of the nineties the number of players grew up to nearly 500.

Roger Federer was born at the 8th August 1981 in Switzerland in Basel. He grew up in a small city named Münchenstein a district of Basel. Federer began to play tennis at the age of 3 years. He was nearly the best trainee in Switzerland with fourteen years.
1995 he took part at the national Tennis centre in Switzerland. At the age of 17 in 1998 he had his first professional tennis tournament. After this tournament his professional career began. At the end of that year he did his first profit. He was on the 64th place in the world ranking list. Federer could get 2002 a place under the top 30 with good performances. In February 2004 he was the first time placed at number 1 in the world ranking list. He earned 26.914.458 million US-Dollar since than. All in all Federer won 9 Grand Slam tournaments.

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