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The Battle of Hastings - 2.Version - Referat

On October 14, 1066, the Normans of William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo-Saxon army led by King Harold. Harold had claimed the throne of England for himself in January of that year after Edward the Confessor died.

Since 1042 Edward the Confessor was the ruler of England. But he died childless on January 5, 1066. Before his death, he determined Harold of Wessex to become the successors to the throne. So he was crowned as King Harold the second to the new king of England. Many people from other countries had claimed kingship for themselves, so Harold’s king title was made contentious. Also William of Normandy had the requirement on the English throne. Edward had probably promised the king title to William with a longer stay in the Normandy. This was only mentioned by Norman sources, so no one knew whether it was true or wrong. Therefore, William wanted to protest against that. He intended to rob out and win against the English, so he set sails. He had a big army of Normans with himself. They landed on September 28 in Pevensey on the south coast of England. William left 1000 soldiers there, the others followed him to Hastings. On October 14 the Normans met the Anglo-Saxons on the Senlac-Hill. Most soldiers on both sides were heavily armed. They had lances, elbows and swords with themselves. In addition they had good arms. So they fought embittered. In the evening Harold died because of an attack of a Norman rider. The few remaining Anglo-Saxons fighters fled, because they had no more obligation to fight now.

The battle of Hastings was William’s first, big success. He was crowned on Christmas day in 1066 as William I. to the king of England. The coronation took place at Westminster Abbey. The Norman kings ruled in England until 1154. In the 1070s the Bayeux Tapestry developed. You can see the Battle of Hastings expressed in pictures on it, for example the death of Harold. William decided to build a monastery with the name “Battle Abbey” in memory of the many victims of this battle.

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