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The Big Five - Referat

The big Five

Today I'm gonna tell you something about „The Big Five“. Your first question is: what are these big five and what are they doing? The Big Five are the biggest and most famous animals of South Africa. This are the leopard the elephant, the lion, the rhino and the buffalo. This animals are not the Big Five because of their size ore their velocity. No the reason is how difficult it is to catch them.
Now I'm gonna tell you something more about this exciting animals.
First there's the leopard its a very fast and movable animal. The type of his fur is very flashy and every leopard has his own design.
The second animal is the elephant. Its the biggest land Animal and when an elephant is born he weighs about one-hundred kilograms and hes getting bigger with the years.
The third animal is the lion. He's also called the king of all animals. His fur looks imposing and he lives mainly in Africa but also in India.
Number four is the rhino. They have a very strong body but his legs are very short. The horn of the rhino can be very dangerous for other animals ore humans.
And the last one is the buffalo. The buffalo is in the group of cows. The steppe buffalo is very hairy and has like the rhino also a very strong body and dangerous horns.
All this five animals are in big danger they can die out. Hundred years ago there were much more animals like today. People are killing them because of their fur ore their horns. This terrible people don't take care about the animals life its horrible. And I think everybody should know about this terrible things. But the South African government builds National Parks like the Kruger Park so the animals are safe and they can life a normal life.
For me is South Africa a country with awesome animals and a big wildlife that you just see there and that's so special.
This was my presentation about The Big Five animals in South Africa I hope you enjoyed and thanks for your attention.

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