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speech about amercian selection - Referat

Speech about american Election

This speech is written by ... in November 2004. Its adressed to the other students.

The Election System in the US does not always reflect the people will. If both candidates keep up close to each other, it might happen that one of the candidates wins without gaining the majority of the votes of the peoples. Is this the right way? Every state sets a special amount of delegates. This is connected with the states' population. The more inhibitants a state accomodates, the more delegates may be set. If there are more than 270 delegates of one party elected, the candidate of this political party certainly will become the new president, those delegates vote the president in the beginning of the next year. Is this the right way? It's not always the people that decide on the president. In 2000 the supreme court of the US declared George W. Bush as the new president, although it was proved that Al Gore, his opponent contrahent, got more votes than George W. Bush.
As there were more republican judges in the supreme court they decided to anulate the recount and as I already said declared George W. Bush to be the new president of the United States. The voice of the people was ignored by making this verdict. The last election sets Bush in a position that allowes him to appoint new judges for the supreme court. So the Republican majority that rules both the Supreme court and as well the Senate and the Parlament will remain there for a couple of presidential periodes. Unfortunately America wont become liberal in the near future. The Republicans prefer vigorous measures to control World policy. Even film director and author Michael Moore tried to enlight the American peoples by confronting them with hard facts about Bush's bad policy. He adheres to his policy further on. So we have to get the hell out of bush not to disciminate the world anymore. An affected part of Europe broke up the alliance with us. The way to gain power is not to plot against sovereign countries, those, Bush called the "axis of evil", but just to appear more liberal on the international political scene. So more countries and inhabitants of the world would see us as friends. Primarily that got to be our goal.
Thank you for listening.

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