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science - Referat

In this moment about 7 billion people live on our planet. Now we are the most intelligent and biggest population of the whole history of planet earth. But we are destroying our planet too. The reason for our success and for the destruction of our world is the same. It's called science. I will comment on the importance of science in modern society.

In my opinion, science is very important for us today because there are so many arguments for science. The first is that in the future we are able to live on another planet because we will discover a planet that is suitable for living on it and we will discover a method to reach the planet and to live on it. But for all we will need science because without science we can't discover anything. For example without science we are not able to discover other planets in the universe because this is science too. Another argument for science is that we will need science in future to save our planet from a big desaster like a crash with an asteroid or other things of the solar system. And then we will need science of course because without science, we wouldn't discover the object an we can't destroy it too because the search after objects in solar system is science too. Another argument for science is that we can change the world. This means that science will find out solutions for environmental problems that we caused. For example the global warming. In my oppinion we will find out a solution to solve this problem. But for it we need science because without science, we cann't find a solution. But there are 2 arguments tha are more important then the others'. The first is thst without science, we would die very young because there wouldn't exist medicine bacaue it's science too. But the most important argument is that without science we would only live like nomads about 100000 years ago because nearly the whole evolution of human being is based on science. For example the descovery of fire. About 1 million years ago, we tried to use the fire. And this was one of the most important descovery of human being. In my oppinion this is science too because for me, science means that you look after something and then you try to develop something which is based on your discovery. And this means without science it wouldn't exist citys, cars, planes, medicine. We only would live like nomades in the stone age.

My conclusion is that our whole civilisation is based on science and we will need science in future too to make big descouverys and inventions.

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