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manhattan-one of the five boroughs - Referat

Today we are going to tell you something about the boroughs of New York City.The boroughs were connected in 1898.New York City has got five boroughs ,each borough is devided in many neighborhoods and an own lord mayor or borough president.We can´t talk about every important thing in each borough,because we don´t wanna take the stuff from the other presentations.

Manhattan, also known as New York County, is with a surface of 58 square kilometres coutryside and 28 square kilometres waterside the smallest of the boroughs.This are only 7% of NYC.There live ca. 1,6 million people,this are 20%.They don´t have much place for they own,because on one square kilometre live 28thousand people(in Schleswig live 1000 on one square kilometre)Manhattan is devided in the east side and in the west side.The Fifth Avenue and the Broadway devide it. In between of these two streets is the Washington Squarepark and in the north of the Fifth Avenue is the Central Park the devider. In the east side, the Upper East Side,live since the 2000 years began,the High Society,the rich people. In the past there lived German and also other foreigner. In the west side,the Upper West Side,people say,live the intelligent people.But Upper West Side and Upper East Side are only the neighborhoods in the center of Manhattan,there are also 25 other. In Manhattan means Uptown north and Downtown south, so the Uptown trains of the subways drive towards north and the Downtown trains drive towards south. The area between the 23rd and the 59th street is called Midtown. The most people mean Manhattan,when they say New York City,so Manhattan is also called “heart of NYC”. The think also, that Manhattan is just the island,but futhermore there are many little island around it and also a part of the mainland belong to Manhattan.It calls Marble Hill and till the 19th century, when the Harlem River Ship Canal was built , it was a part of the island.The island is connected to the mainland with 22 bridges and 21 tubes.The name Manhattan comes from the Algonkin Indians, they called it Manna-hata or Manahtin which means hilly island or hilly land.

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