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gambling in the US - Referat

Dear Sir or Madame, dear classmates,

the topic of my talk today is the situation of the gambling in the United States by the comparison of Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Yersey. Here, I introduce the entertainment value, the legal and development.

First, I will present the general law in the United States. Contrary to what many believe, gambling in the US is generally prohibited, but there are some exceptions. In the State of Nevada, it is allowed almost everywhere. On rivers and cities that use the proceeds for the conservation of historic facilities, it is also allowed. The development in Las Vegas and Atlantic City with respect to the legalization, I will explain in due time. The minimum age is 21 years, the only exception is poker in the state of Florida, which is allowed at least 18 years.

First, I start with the global stronghold games of chance Las Vegas. As a note in the margin, the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau is six times of Las Vegas to gamble with. As already mentioned, there is a general prohibition of gambling in the US. In the desert city, founded 1905, since 1931 the gambling was legalized. As a result, the first casinos have emerged, which are integrated into a hotel complex. The approximately 7 km long boulevard of Las Vegas, the Strip is plastered with hotels and also with casinos. To name only the largest and most exemplary way to lead. The largest are MGM, Flamingo, Luxor, Belagio and gold nuggets. Once the sun goes down, the hotel signs shine and let the night become the day. But not only the glorious hotel buildings and the almost countless casinos are the reason for the reputation of never sleeping city, but also the stunning show elements carry a significant part in this. For several years they are connected to permissive content. In addition, only absolute Stars are engaged. Most of the hotels that are located on the Strip, have extra facilities such as theaters, built. Furthermore, the hotels have erected unique architectural sculptures. That would be the largest water feature, the largest glass sculpture and also one of the largest gold nuggets, to attract tourists year after year. Las Vegas attracts around 30 million tourists and about 8 million business people. In addition, there are 200 000 weddings per year,
2000 of them from the German-speaking countries. These figures show that the desert city has concentrated not only on gambling, but has created an entertainment system that makes Las Vegas unique and thus ensures the long-term success.

Now after the presentation of the situation in Las Vegas I go on with Atlantic City. The city was once the east coast counterpart to Las Vegas. To revive the city, the voters of New Jersey decided in 1976 in a referendum for legalized gambling in Atlantic City - two years after they had voted in a referendum earlier against it. Finally on May 26, in 1978 the first legal casino in the eastern United States opened. Others followed shortly afterwards along the beach promenade. After a certain time, the legalization of gambling actually made a positive
impact. Tourism flourished again and created a colorful variety of skyscrapers with condominiums. At the end of the 80s Atlantic City was the most popular destination in the United States.
An entertainment industry as it exists in Las Vegas, is not created in Atlantic City. The hotels have not set the same extent on pomposity, glamour and glitter of Las Vegas. The financial crisis, the fact that gambling was legalized in neighboring states like New York, Pennsylvania, and New England, led to huge losses in sales. The consequence was, traditional casinos had to close and Atlantic City was unable to return to old successful times.
Now even New Jersey has passed a law that allowed gambling on the Internet that already bleak prospects have fallen to recovery again dramatically.

You can see that the development of Las Vegas and Atlantic City takes a completely different direction since some years. While in Las Vegas the casino industry is the supporting column and can even assert itself to the competition in the Internet, the gambling industry has collapsed in Atlantic City. The liberalization of online gambling in New Jersey has an already bruised, if not already put an end to a descending market of gambling halls and hotels in Atlantic City.
In my eyes, this is due to the different development that Las Vegas has arisen for many years before the competition from the Internet already has set up the pure gaming experience around a number of entertainment shows. This meant that it was made to an event, which can hardly be imitated on the Internet. This assumption is, for example, to justify the fact that Las Vegas offers a stunning light show, which will turn night into day. This transition from a pure supply of gambling for complete entertainment Atlantic City has overlooked. The emerging shift of the gambling resort of the games content to the Internet, as well as the economic crisis, have brought the gaming sector in Atlantic City to decline.

Ladies and gentlemen, of course I will be available to answer questions and thank you for your attention.

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