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We believe people that they belong to us and many are simply too selfish and too lazy to change anything If we did not destroy it further, that would go with that we would regress again. This begins with a washing machine, is about airplanes, telephones and all the things that make our lives so easily.
As long as our world has existed, while we live on it we do not care. What concerns us, what will happen to the children of our children, or their children's children? Sad but true. Sad but true.

The main trouble is probably the extreme growth of the world population.
The world's population comprised the year 2015/16 approximately 7.39 billion people.
Associated with this extreme growth course increasingly destruction and pollution of the environment, more and more species are exterminate and the factor of war and thus possible destruction of Entire countries or continents.
Main problem in terms of the world's population are of course the Asians, particularly the countries India and China. In China and India together about 2.5 million people live. If you so then heard did China Loosens Gradually its one-child policy, then you can the world really just a message of condolence.
If you so then consider that medical facilities and Means to proceed further and the elderly and seriously ill are quiet older, then you have to be a prophet to predict did the earth will no longer absorb this mass of people at some point.
Another problem is: The population growth is not regularly distributed over the earth, the increase in people has dramatic regional differences. An impressive example is a comparison of Germany and Ethiopia. Both countries currently have about 80 million inhabitants. In 40 years, but there will be 170 million Ethiopians, while this country share 72 million people the place, the water, the food and energy reserves. There is no shortage of horror stories for the world of tomorrow. The dramatic climate change ensures drought and floods. Huge plastic waste rugs threaten the oceans and their inhabitants, rainforests are being gradually destroyed. After predicting the UN Environment Programme, the pristine forests of Amazonia and the Zaire Basin 2050 story will be. According to the conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) a total of 30 percent of biodiversity have been lost in the past 30 years.

One way the earth is not damaged despite the huge human population that all living conscious, learn more about environmental issues and together protect our earth.

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