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The Philippines
Today we want to tell you some information about the Philippines.
Altogether there are 7107 Islands.
The Philippines are placed 800km near the southeast coast of Asia.
The area: The Philippines has an area of about 300.000 km2.
There from are 45% forest, 26% farmland and 4 % meadows.
The inhabitants: In the Philippines there are about 71 359 000 people.
The name of the Philippines: The name goes back to the Spanish discoverer who wants to respect the Spanish King Philip II who lived from 1556 to 1598.
Industry: The Philippines work with textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, electronics assembly, petroleum refining and fishing
The Mastery: The mastery is president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo since the year 2001
The coast: The coast is about 36 289 km long.

The Philippines are grouped in 76 provinces and the capital is Manila.
Languages: In the Philippines the people are able to speak Pilipino and English which is the main language and not a hell of a lot people are able to speak Spanish.
80 % of the Philippines are Catholics and 5 % Muslims
If you are anytime in the Philippines you can pay with the Philippine peso.
The highest mountain in the Philippines is Mount Apo, which is 2 954 metres high.
11 islands take 94 % of the total area.
The climate is tropical.
The flora in the Philippines is very famous because of the about 10 000 several kinds of trees, bushes, flowers and ferns.
The Philippine pupils have to go to school in the age of 6 to 12. 60 % of this pupils visit further schools.
The flag: This flag is the official flag of the Philippines since 12.06.1898.
The red part shows bravery and courage.
The blue part shows idealism.
White is taken for peace.
The eight beamed sun shows the freedom and the three stars are there because of the three main territories of the Philippines.

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