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Date: 30 December 2005

Dear Mrs. Simpson

Complaint of order dated 9th November 2005.

We regret to say that the above-mentioned order has reached us today, one day overdue. Furthermore the consignment is faulty in the following ways:

We ordered 400 items of the article “A85”, but on examining them we found that you have only sent 350 pieces of them.
The article “A114” has reached us in the sizes “L” instead of the sizes “XL”.
The goods ordered of the article “A85”, which we have received is in the wrong colours and sizes. We wanted to have them in the colour black instead of brown and in the sizes 38, but they have reached us in the sizes 42. In addition the belt buckle is scratched. We are of the opinion, that this was caused by rough handling in transport.

Now, the faulty articles of “A114” are unsaleable. We are asking you for information what is to do with them. We can destroy the faulty goods, but we can send them back to you at your own costs.
For the other faulty products we are expecting a replacement by air immediately.

We are very angry about this delivery, because the delivery has not reached us on time, which was guaranteed in your order confirmation.
If you settle this matter to our satisfaction, we are prepared to continue our business relationship with your company.
We are looking forward to hearing your comments on this matter by e-mail in the very near future.

Yours sincerely

Jason Mcman

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