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carl schmitt and david easton - Referat

For David Easton we have three allocations of resources. Two of them are exchange and custom. Custom means that tradition of life is a motion revealed in politics, society and values based on the distribution of authoritywhich is a concept describing the process. This concept is in terms of politics and values the process of distribution of authority or something else passed into the hands of their own interests by influencing any of the working in conflict with each other in a relationship. Therefore the social bargain between the groups (of conflict and reconciliation) describes this process. Politics is a particular geography of mechanism which makes a theory determined by bargaining. However, in the context of the modern state a national expression of conflicting demands the existing ofsocial groups within its territory in the state and reality. The political system, a permanent (stable) manner that makes the possibility able to be summarized as in the context of the definition of the politic and pluralism in the opposition to Eastonīs "politic system internal" claiming to be the press, in this context the organization compromises the stability of the system dynamics and conflict together with as goals determined depending on the production and provision.
Accordingto Carl Schmitt the understanding of politics is in political decisions that we need to know. For ethical criteria "good-bad", for aesthetic criteria "beautiful-ugly", for the economic criteria "profitable" against the legal criteria for the "legal - non-legal" distinctions do. Carl Schmitt explains that the political criteria is determined with the "we-others" or "friend-enemy" criteria. A community must determine the border itself,but the state is a community that needs a law identificated asa nation-state. Monist League defends the concept of pluralistic politics whereasSchmitt rejects the notion. Therefore, there is no opposite position to the boundaries defined and this understanding goes against the modern state structure.

To sum up Carl Schmitt defends his first rudimental politic to form "nation and state" whereas David Eastonīs idea was more concentrated in domestic politics. Hissystem is popular in western democracies. Pluralism is a type of ademocracy system and there are many groups that influence the government with Schmitt’s idea ofinternational politics.

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