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a article to curfew - Referat

Dear anonymous reader,

You have the same problem, like many other pupils in England.
5 out of 20 letters deal with the problem. We had a survey 2 months ago, it was unbelievable that 57 percent of the surveyed mean that they have a curfew which is too short.
But why do parents give a short curfew? I think your parents want you to be protect. If I were you, I would go to your parents and ask them why not give you a longer curfew. Maybe you came home late the last time and your parents were worried about. A second idea is that your parents believe “your friends are the false friends”. Then you have no chance to stay out longer.
Or maybe your parents think that you stay alone at night, so go with your friends to your parents and talk to them. So you have a really good chance to stay out longer at night. When you stay longer at night accep my suggestion and take your mobilephone with you. Your parents can phone you and know where you are.
When you have found a solution tell us about, so we can write this in our next issue and help other pupils with the same problem. Thank you for your question and stay loyal to us.

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