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Yorkshire, England - Referat

Now you’ll hear some things about Yorkshire, a country in the United Kingdom, located in the middle east of England.
It has got 5 million inhabitants and the whether in general is even worse than in Germany. Although it isn’t a very big area with 15.00 square km, Yorkshire is so interesting & just different!
There’re so many places to see, really great stores for shopping, wonderful beaches and theatres.
I want to talk to you just about three short subjects:

- Important towns
- The unique nature
- And industry’s history.

I’ve selected only 3 towns: York, Leeds and Kingston Upon Hull- these 3 are very different, but all are typical for Yorkshire.

Of course you have to call YORK first!

This is because York is Yorkshire’s country town and there are living 184.900 people.
York itself means history you can find everywhere:
The city walls and cathedrals f. ex. show the age York already exists: Namely more than 2000 years!
In addition the city has got many sights, like museums and is famous for distinctive shopping! There are over 2000 shops along the narrow streets.

An other very important town is Leeds

Yes, Leeds is important, but not much pretty. Here is Yorkshire’s most industry, so if you’re male, you haven’t a reason to go there. But (!) if you’re a woman you’ll love this – so called- “female friendly” town and fancy its boutiques and designer shops. You can find the latest fashion in every shopping mall!

The next city is called KINGSTON UPON HULL

It is famous because of the most important & biggest harbour in Yorkshire, which is fortunately located on the Atlantic. England manages its international trade from here!

Well, now the 2nd topic is nature!

The wild countrysides in YS aren’t to be missed! Get outside and see it yourself- the reasons why YS is also called “God’s own country” or “Garden of England”.
The 3 National (Parks Peak District, North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales) are bigger than 100 sq MILES!
Enjoy the fabulous views over the endless valleys, the wild moors, untouched parkland and high cliffs, just like the wildflowers, rivers & waterfalls.
YS has got so much variety
of nature reserves! The landscapes are world famous and the coastline with wonderful beaches is longer than 130 miles. You’ll love this fantastic experience!

And now I’m going to tell something about the industrial history in YS.
Of course I mean the Industrial revolution started in YS! I’ll explain that with the help of Sheffield which is a very good example, because this town became a Steel City in 1742.
Benjamin Huntsman- who was born to German parents- invented a special, very quality sort of steel in this time. It became so popular, even the European bought it. Sheffield’s population grew up from 14.00 to 400.00 in only 150 years.
The steel industry didn’t boomed just in Sheffield- everywhere new factories and mines were built, more & more villages turned into cities. Than in mines were terrible conditions, so NOW they were almost all shut down.
But although the factories have been knocked down the Industrial Revolution is continuing in a more modern way today.
I’m afraid most people living in other parts of England are still thinking of dirty, old coal mines or something like that when they hear the name “YS”.
However there’re lots positive things in Yorkshire and I’m sure. If you have the chance to visit YS once a time you’ll take away a personal experience that will live in your memory for a lifetime!

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