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Yellowstone National Park - Referat

The Yellow Stone National Park

General information

The Yellowstone National Park is the first and oldest National Park in the United States of America. It was founded on March 1st, 1872. It is 8983 square kilometres big and it’s set mainly in Wyoming and a bit into the neighbour states Idaho and Montana. All these States you can find in the north-west of the United States near the Canadian border. The nearest city is Billings.

The name comes from the Minnetaree Indians. They hunted along the lower part of Yellowstone River where yellowish cliffs are seen on its shores. The Minnetarees called the area “Mi Tsi a-da-zi” which means “Yellow Stone”.
In 1988, there was a big fire in the Yellowstone Park. You can still see the damage of the fire today. At about 3200 square kilometres of nature have been destroyed there.

Yellowstone National Park is nearly 1350 square kilometres of untouched nature. Less than 2 percent of the total area has been affected by human intrusion. Not only it is the nations largest wildlife preserve, it is the geological wonderland unlike any other on earth – spouting geysers, bubbling mud spots, pools of boiling water, hundreds of lakes surrounded by forest, rivers and canyons.

Animals and plants:

There are also a lot of animals in the park, like buffalos, bisons, elks, mules, pronghorns, squirrels, marmots, chipmunks and many species of birds.
There are also a lot of predators. Some of Yellowstone’s predators are black bears, grizzly bears and coyotes. Wolves and mountain lions are rare. Today there are protected in the park.

1. Old Faithful: It’s the biggest geyser. It erupts between 60 and 80 minutes his 40 meter high streams.

2. Minerva Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs : The terraces are formed by hot water flowing through limestone. Carbonic acid in the water flushs the limestone up to the surface.

3. Castle Geyser
: It was named Castle Geyser because it looks like a castle[ foto ]

4. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone : It is up to 360 meters deep. In the middle of the canyon, the Yellowstone river has got two waterfalls which are falling down at about 90 metres.

5. Liberty Cap : Liberty Cap was formed in the same way as Minerva Terrace at the Mammoth Hot Springs, but it became a very different form.

6. Midway Geyser Basin : Here is the largest hot fountain and the colourful Grand Prismatic Spring.

7. Lakes : The are four lakes in the park : The biggest one is the Yellowstone Lake with 363 square kilometres. It’s 100 metres deep and has got cold water. The other lakes are the Shoshone Lake, the Lewis Lake and the Heart Lake.

Activities :
There are a lot of outdoor – activities, for example walking, rafting, hiking, sightseeing and watching animals. You can also rent bikes and boats and , of course, there is a great shopping scene. The Wildlife of the American West Art Museum is also very attractive to see.

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