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Wounded Knee - Referat

The Wounded Knee Massacre (1890)

The Indians were making ghost dances für their believes. But white officals thought that the ghost dance was a kind of resisstance. So they banned it in december 1890.
When the ghost dances went on, the white officials send troops into the reservation.
Sitting Bull and other chiefes were considered dangerous. Not long befor the massacre Sitting Bull and seven of his warriors died when they tried to arrest him.
On December 29, 1890 soldiers entered the camp and ordered that all Indians should hand out their weapons. The Indians did as they were told. Only one Indian refused to give his weapon. By accident a shot went off his weapon. The soldiers began to shoot. At the end of this fight at least 150 Indians had been killed and 50 wounded.
This massacre broke the last resistance of Indians against Wi#hites.

The occupation of Wounded knee (1972)

As I said before members of the "American Indian Movement" occupied the village Wounded knee and declared the independent "Oglala-Nation" as a prostest against the violation in the reservation by the US Authority. It endet 71 days later when BFI-agants and the army attacked them with weapons. One Indian an tow FBI-agents died and many members of the movemet were put in prison.
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