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Women and men today and in former times - Referat

Women and men today and in former times

In former timas women had only the duty to raise the children and to do the housework.In the Middle Agesthey were often seen as a source of evil.Women were also considered as children who were forever inferior to men.They werenīt allowed to own propery until the 19th century.Today the things have already changed.Women claim equal opportunities in all fields: equal payment and treatment, etc.Futhermore they claim the right of being intergrated in the working life. However, it is not easy for women to get a good job if they are married and have children.Then they alohave to carry the load of childcare and the household.Of course the image of women in the 21st century is a lot better than it was in earlier days but I donīt think that women have already reached full equality. The media have great influence on the puplic opinion. They can do a lot to improve the situation of women.

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