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Why do you think TV and videos are so much more popular than books? - Referat

Why do you think TV and videos are so much more popular than books?

Our generation has grown up with TV and videos. Itís normal to switch the TV on, if you want relaxing.
The older generation canít understand that. They think that TV makes stupid.
In this argumentation, I tell you some positive and negative aspects about books and TV.

Books can be very interesting. You must use your fantasy and, for example, you can image (vorstellen) a figure differently. Moreover, your learn more, with a book. Your Spelling gets better. If you read a book in another language, you can learn more words. In an opinion poll (Umfrage) said the most of the interviewee that they relaxed, if they read a book. Very important argument is that you can read a book everywhere. For example, if you drive to a friend who lives far away, you can read a book at your trip to him. But there are negative aspects for books, too. The most good books are very expensive. Mostly is the first book of a trilogy cheap. But the continuance is more expensive then the first one. And if you find a good book, you need a lot of time to finish it. A book canít be finish quickly. One argument is that books have got only one topic. At a TV, you can change the channels. After a long time read it can be boring to read only one story. An important argument too, is that you need a lot of concentration to read a book. If you arenít concentrating, you donít understand the content (Inhalt). Sometimes you canít understand the content. Itís very difficult because of the spelling.

Television is one of the most favourite activity in our generation. You can watch with friends, family or alone. DVDs or films, for example. Moreover youíve got a big choice of programs.
If you donít watch documentation, you can zap to another channel. After a hard workday or after a hard school day you can sit one your couch and relax for the TV. You donít need your fantasy, because youíve got picture and picture transport a lot messages. At the
TV you can learn a lot, for example with documentations. And important is, you canít get boring with a TV.
But is TV so good?
If you look too much TV, you can get stupid, because you donít need your Brain so many. Watch TV is very expensive. A good tube (Fernseher) cost a lot of money. For many channels, you must pay to watch their legal. And if you sit every day for the TV and you donít do any sport you become a couch-potato. And that isnít very healthy. One Argument is that if you watch often TV, you know a lot of films. And if repeat a channel a film, who you know, itís boring for you.

The young generation like TV more than books. In the TV you have more choice. Moreover itís easier to watch TV to read a book.
Although I think watch TV is okay, but to read a book is better. If you watch TV only a few hours a day and you read a book, before or after youíve watch TV, itís a good mix.

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