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Why I am against drugs - Referat

Today Ill hold a report about drugs. First Ill tell you my personal problems with drugs and then something general problems.
The maincountries which produce Heroin are called "halfmoontriangel". This is the region of northindia, afghanistan, parkistan and northturkey. The "golden triangel" is were Burma, Laos and Thailand bord on each other. From there Asia an europe become supply. Very often its forgetten that heroin cause also problems in the countries of origion. In parkistan are from 150 million inhabitats are 2 Million independant on heroin. These are 3 of the population and more dependences as in the whole european union. In Afghanistan the production is a big branch of industrie and so its importand for the peoples life. The taliban financed there military actoins exclusive direkt or indirekt from the drug dealing. Today all over the world civilwars are financed whole or in part of the drug dealing. The receipts of the drug dealing is estimated on 800 Millian every year.
The worst thing on drugs is that an addict does everythin to financed his adiction. In most cases the addicts robb their families. From this results a big quarrel between the families and the addicts. Many families broken because of this conflict. The members of the families like brothers and sisters or parents often try to help the addict when giving him money everytime. this is the wrong way.
At the end of my report Ill show you a statistics about drugs. I read it in a book called "der Pirat-die drogenkarriere des jan C." Author: Stefan Aust. In the year 1964 in the BRD were 992 cases of drugcriminality registratet by the police. 3 years later there were 1349. In the year 1968 were 1891. In the year 1969 4761, and in the years 1970/71 it grows to 25000 cases.Bevore 1968 no heroin was seized. The years after the rate grows on 2 kg in the years 1968 to nearly 4 kg in the year 1972. 1964 the police seized more than 40 kg hashish. 1972 it was more than 6 tons. People who died on drugs were not registrated before 1968.

Quelle(n) für dieses Referat: Buch "der pirat- die drogencariere des jan c." www.drogenhilfe.de

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