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Who could be/is a hero? - Referat

I personally find it hard to pick just one hero, because there are just too many to pick from.
In my opinion though, everyone could be considered a hero. Every person can be an everyday-hero just by doing little things like giving to people that are not as fortunate as you or doing small favors to others. Or in general - making others happy.
For this essay however, I am going to focus on Emma Watson, or to be more precise: Belle, the main character of "Beauty and the Beast" played by her.
Belle has been a character I looked up to for a long time. I was around five years old when I discovered the book in one of our shelves at home. I couldn't read very well at the time, so I had my mum read it out loud to me and gueds what - I instantly fell in love with the character of Belle. This was quite unusual for me since I didn't usually enjoy princess-y and Disney stories at all at that time. It was always too cliché for my taste and the princesses always seemed so one-dimensional, so helpless. So in my opinion, "Beauty and the Beast" was a completely other story compared to Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty. And the older I became, the more I could relate to the story and the more I started appreciating it. I feel as though Belle has just a very unique personality. She's independent, intelligent and always settles for bigger things. In her little village she's considered strange because she, a girl, enjoys reading books. She couldn't care less about fitting in and refuses to continue living her boring life in this village where everyone is conservative and seems to be pretty much the same. She looks for a life that's adventurous in a city that never sleeps, contrary to the one she currently lives in.
Furthermore, she says no to the guy that's adored by every woman in town. She looks right through his
good looks and realises how much of a douchebag he really is. She's largely unimpressed when she sees him, because she'd rather marry someone that's on hee own intellect-level instead of someone that just likes her because she supposedly is the prettiest girl in town.
At this point I could go on and on on why she is one of my childhood- and teen-hero, but the main message is that she's a great role model for girls of any age, origin etc.
She is unapologetically herself and does whatever she wants without caring about the opinion of others. She might seem a little strange, but she lives a modern lifestyle in a society that doesn't seem to show any progress at all. She educates herself, reads and thinks for herself, and the main qualities of a hero from my point of view are courage and intellect.

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