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Washington - Referat


- my presentation has got six main parts (the history, the geography, the industry, the sights, the city Seattle and sport in Washington)

nickname: Evergreen State
position: in the Northwest of the USA at the Pacific
surface: ca. 185 000 kmē
water surface: 6,6%
inhabitants: ca. 6 million
capital: Olympia
bigest city: Seattle
gouverneur: Gary Locke


- Washington has become the 42. state of the USA at November the eleventh in 1889
- it is the only US- state that has the name of an American president


- Washington borders in the West on the Pacific, in the North on Canada, in the East on the state Idaho and in the South on Oregon
- there flows the Columbia river
- the highest mountain is Mount Rainier (with 4392 m)
- the countryside of Washington is very different - there are the mountains and the coast areas
- the economy is good because of the position at the ocean and having harbors

important mountains:
- Mount Adams
- Mount St. Helens
- Mount Rainer
- Mount Olympus
- Mount Stuart

important cities:
- Seattle
- Vancouver
- Tacoma


- in Seattle: Airplane industry and high tech
- industrie with the fish from the Pacific
- wood from the forest (for making paper)


national parks:

Mount Rainer National Park:
- beautiful countryside with waterfalls, nice hiking paths, a lot of glaciers, flower meadows and many more
- there is a nice mountain landscape and a vulcano, too

Olympic National Park:
- direct at the Pacific
- peoble can: go hiking and river rafting, climbing or go by boat

national monuments:

Mount St. Helens National Monument:
it is the area, that was afflicted by the outbreak of St. Helens in 1980,
it is frightened and nice at the same time

national forest:

Olympic National Forest:
maenly mountains and coast landscape, it is a nice mix and very nice to see

The city Seattle

- have you ever been to Seattle? Then you should go to this beautiful city!
- a lot of people know Seattle from the famous film "Schlaflos in Seattle" and some of them also think it's the capital of Washington, but that's wrong
Seattle is with 500 000 inhabitants one of the bigest cities, but Olympia is the capital of the state
- an important event in the past of Seattle was the fire 1889, it destroyed the whole "buisness district", but nobody was killed
- there are different ethnic groups: three-quarters are white and nearly 12% are Asian or Pacific Islander, 10% are black, 3.6% are Hispanic and only 1.4% are Native American
- in Seattle 93% of the inhabitans have finished the high school, because the schooling is good and there are a lot of universities
- the "space needle":
it is the symbol of Seattle and 184 m high,
the space needle was built in 1962 for the world exhibition
people have from this tower a fantastic view over the whole city and if the weather is fine you can see the tops of the montains St. Helens and Mount Rainer
and also visiters
can have dinner in the tower, but the food is very expensive,
of cours there are stands and shops where people can buy souvenirs and so on

- in Seattle it's easy to move without a car, because there are many buses (in the city centre they cost sometimes nothing) or you can also go by foot

- the famous centre of Seattle it's a kind of culture park with exhibitions and a smal free time park with stages, it's a lot of fun for children
- people who are interesting in art should visit the Seattle art museum in the centre of downtown, you can see pictures from American artists, from the Native Americans and many paintings
- in downtown you should visit "pike place market", it's a big shopping centre
- near downtown you also can find the "Seattle aquarium", here people are allowed to touch starfishs and other sea animals
- there are also the museum of flight (a plane museum with 50 planes and something more) and a lot of malls and restaurants
- for relaxing, having sunbaths and going swimming, having barbecues and doing sports you should go to "alki beach"
- the wildpark "Schmitz park" in the East of Seattle is very nice, too, here the nature isn't yet destroyed
- on "mercer island" live the rich and famous people (like Bill Gates), if you want to buy a house at this place you shuold have more than one million euro, all the buildings and villas are very beautiful and they have swimming pools
- in this beautiful city it isn't so hectic like in other American cities and the skyline is nice

- Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz have been famous through their jazz music and the rapper "sir mix a lot" through his hip hop here in Seattle
and the bands "goodness" and "the presidents of the united states of america" come from Seattle, too

Sport inWashington

one of the famous basketball teams in Washington are the "washington wizards":
- they are in the NBA since 1961 and they have played in 4 000 games (they have won the half of these)
- the important and the best players are Jarvis Hayes, Jared Jeffries, Brendan Haywood and Peter Ramos, the team coach is Eddie Jordan
- this baskettball team is fantastic and looking a games is nice

the baseball is also very famous in Washington:
- the baseball team "washington wizards", with the same name like the basketball team, was been famous through the fantastic player Joe Miller, but he was killed by an car accident last year and since his dead the team get worser and worser

That was my presentation about the US state Washington, I hope you like it and I could give you important information!

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