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Washington D.C. - Referat

Washington D.C. – The capital of the United States of America

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. There is also the government from the USA. The USA consist of 50 states and Washington the Distict of Columbia. Washington D.C. has got an exceptional position and so you can say it belongs to a state.
It´s about 180 km” and has got about 575.000 inhabitans. The city is named Washington because the first president was George Washington.
The river Potomac, Virginia and Maryland border Washington.

There you can find about five universities, this are the famous ones: Georgetown University, established 1975, die George Washington University, established 1821 und die Howard University, established 1867. You also can find many museums, churchs, libarys, theatres and many famous monuments like the “White House”. All presidents of the USA lived in this house.

The Capitol is the place for the congresses.This building should be the highest in Washinton D.C. Because of this there are no sky- scrapers.

But there are two building which are higher than the Capitol. This is the Washinton Monument ( a monument for their first president) and the tower of the old Post Office. But these buildings where built before they said that the Capitol must to be the highest.

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