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Walt Disney - 2.Version - Referat

Company history

The Walt Disney Company, is an US-american media group wich was founded 1923 by the brothers Walt and Roy Disney as the „Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio“.
His brother Roy took care of the financial aspects of productions.
Disney got famous because of the production of entertainment and animated films.
After 3 years they even had their own studio in the Hyperion Avenue.
This studio is renamed in „Walt Disney-Studio“.

In 1928 is the first Mickey Mouse cartoon came into the cinemas.
This movie was named „Steamboat Willie“.
That was also one of the first films with sound recording, too.

The mouse was the stone that brought everything to roll.
Disney became one of the strongest brands in the global media business.
„Snow White“ and „Bambi“ have become very famous too and
made more popular figures that could be marketed at the retail or amusement parks.

There were those nine Animation artists who brought out the great Disney animated films 1927-1978. They were jokingly called „Disneys nine old man“ from Walt. This ist he designation for special Animation legends who worked at The Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney World Resort
The park in Orlando in Florida was inaugurated on 1. October 1971 and cost up to its completion, 400 million US dollars.
Walt Disney World has four major theme parks, each with its own main attraction that serve the individual parks as a symbol.

-Magic Kingdom
-Disney’s Hollywood Studios
-Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Magic Kingdom was opened in 1971 as the first theme park of Walt Disney World Resort. In 2007, the park had more than 17 million visitors, that making it the most visited theme park in the world.
Main attractions are the "Disney Dreams Come True Parade", daily at 15:00 clock in the draw Disney characters through the park, the nightly "Wishes" fireworks over the "Cinderella Castle", the roller coaster "Space Mountain", the 3D cinema, the Rush Rafting in which the passengers in a tree trunk plunch five floors down into a river and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Facts about Mr Walt Disney
The full name of Walt Disney is Walter Elias Disney.
He was an American cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer.
He was born in 5th december 1901 in Chicago. His father was a builder with canadian origin.
His mother was from Ohio. He had one sister and three brothers.
Walt Disney was a lively and imaginative child.At the age of 14 years he began to paint.
With it he discovered his talent for drawing animals. There he was also interested in the first animated films.

In autumn of 1918 he tried to sign up for the
military. With only 16 years he was too young and so he was rejected. That’s why he joined the American Red Cross and traveled to France.
In the first World War, he was an ambulance driver in there.
1918 he survived the Spanish flu in Chicago.

After graduating from high school in 1919, he met the artist Ub Iwerks, with whom he made his first animated film, an advertising short film.
He started his own business with his brother Roy O. Disney and with Iwerks as the art director together.
His idea was to represent the animals as human as possible in his cartoons but still like animals.

Outsiders found this idea so absurd. That’s why he couldn’t found any investors. Only in califonia was a courageous sponsor.

Micky Mouse was born and this name is thanks to his wife because first he should get the name „Mortimer Mouse“. The film was a huge success and the "Mickey Mouse" a world star.
The character from „Micky Mouse“ was disigned for him.

Walt was nominated 59 times for an Oscar. He is the only person who won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar and he got total 800 awards and has been the most awarded man since the beginning of humanity.

He said that „Bambi“ was his favorite film. He loved the loving story of growing up being told with Bambi. The last film where he was personal participated was „The jungle book“.

Films he hate were „Peter Pan“ and „Alice in wonderland“ because he found they were too cold-hearted.

Walt Disney was a heavy smoker but he never smoked in the presence of children or in the public. That was also the reason why he died. He got lung cancer.
His death was only announced after his funeral. He died with 65 years at the 15. December 1966 in Los Angeles.

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