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Wales - Referat

Capital : Cardiff

area : 21.000 km˛

inhabitants : 2.8 million

languages : Welsh and English

Wales is a part of Great Britain and is about half the size of Switzerland.
There are three national Parks and the names of the national parks are

the colour of the flag from Wales are red, green and white

National Parks
People visit the National parks to go walking, climbing or just to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

1. Snowdonia national park
2. Pombrokeshire Coast
3. Brecon Beacon prak

In the Snowdonia national park is the highest mountain of Wales, the name is Snowdon and it is 3560 feet (1.085 metres) high.
It a country of small farms and sheep.( there are three sheep for every person in Wales)

The Welsh love music and they all famous are over the world as singers.
Every July there is a huge festival of music and poetry.
It is the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen in North Wales.
People come from all over the world to play, sing – or just listen.

The national sports are golf and rugby.

There are also many sights.
castle for example Carenalen
- castles. And the small cathedral town of St. Asaph.

New industries
There are also many successful new industries in Wales for exampel:
- nuclear power station (Trawsfynydd)
- micro electronics
- water power
- tourism

coal mining
- once the largest coal exporting area in the world
- today, mining still important but many mine closed down

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